July 2017 Cheesy Index

The July 2017 Cheesy Index had yet another (very) positive month due to the reasonable savings rate and the good dividend income and rental income. We really cannot complain on the progress at all. Even the exchange rates stayed relatively stable, which helped too!

July 2017 Cheesy Index

As you can see below, we can report yet another increase in the Cheesy Index to new heights! We are now at the 63.4% mark. We are still aiming for 65% by the end of the year, but it would be great if we could reach 66.6%. This would mean we are 2/3rd done on our journey to FIRE. Kind of a nice milestone, but unless a miracle comes along, I doubt this will happen.

July 2017 Cheesy Index
July 2017 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Breakdown

In case you are wondering what is included in the Cheesy Index and how the wealth is broken down, let’s have a look.

We have divided our wealth into three categories (for more details, see here):

  • Income producing assets (stocks, real estate, etc.)
  • Non-income producing assets (cash, “valuable” posessions)
  • Depreciating assets (i.e. the car)

This looks as follows:

2017 Asset Allocations
2017 Asset Allocations

The growth in non-income assets is due to the increase in cash reserves we have to buy more real estate (or shares/ETF, subject to whichever comes first).

When you breakdown the income producing assets, you will have:

  • Real Estate
  • Dividend Shares
  • ETF’s/Index Funds
  • Crowdfunding

This breakdown looks as follows:

2017 Income Asset Allocation
2017 Income Asset Allocation

As you can see, the crowdfunding is slowly being phased out. The ETF/Index fund portion of the porfolio is slowly growing. The dividend portion is fluctuating a lot as the majority of shares are Canadian. Real Estate covers the majority of the portfolio. The latter is hopefully to increase over the coming months if we manage to find something reasonably priced. Time will tell!

Long Weekend Holiday

We are off to a long weekend away with family and will be back next week. I plan to really relax and ignore the blog for the most (there might be a tweet on occasion). It will therefore take a bit longer than usual for me to reply to any of your comments, so my apologies in advance! Hope you have a great (long?) weekend too.


Did your net worth or “index” also grew in July? Did you also see a nice increase?


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