Holiday on FIRE

When I write this on post (last Tuesday), we just came back from a short weekend family holiday. As a yearly thing we are invited by the in-laws for a long weekend in a chalet vacation park (they even pay for it!). On of these CenterParcs/Landal Greenparks places with a big tropical swimming pool and assorted other play things. It was great fun and I’m (again) in need of another holiday due to the short nights, FIRE pit evenings and booze. In short, we has a Holiday on FIRE!

Holiday on FIRE

The FIRE theme came back many times during this short holiday, in more ways then one. First and foremost it was financially. Because the in-laws paid for most of it, it turned out into a very frugal (cheap?) weekend. We only had to pay for the fuel to get there, some (random) groceries and a couple of drinks in the local café/bar/pool. We had brought food for most of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners (and so did most of the family).

We only went out to a restaurant once to get food, and that was a pancake restaurant (for the kids obviously, had a massive play area both indoors and outdoors). As you are aware, a pancake restaurant is not very expensive either. We were supposed to pay for our own food, but the in-laws were so happy with the fun night, they paid the bill (again)! That being said, we are going to take them out for a day of fun to “repay” some of the expense they have made for us. This is the least we could do (they won’t accept any money from us to cover expenses).

The good thing about doing a weekend out in one of these parks is that you can keep the costs down. We had received vouchers for early bookings, so kids had (besides the pool/petting zoo/play areas) free activities. They really loved it! You can also cook yourself (which we did) and limit costs this way too. The trick is to plan ahead and bring much of your own stuff, the grocery store in the park is not a frugal place to shop….

FIRE at the Fire Pit

On the evenings that we had put al the kids to bed (which was not easy some times, they were having loads of fun and too much sugar), we had time to drink a beer and relax. We obviously did this at the available fire pit! We had the kids help us with finding some extra fire wood in the local area (a very frugal exercise!). But when the adults started to feel like they were 12 year olds, entire trees ended up in the fire pit too. It might have had something to do with the beer……

Holiday on FIRE with Beer
Holiday on FIRE with Beer


Once at the fire pit, the topic fire was brought up. But not the FIRE was are used to finances are hardly discussed during these short holidays. Money really is still a taboo topic. Most of our (in-law) family are aware of what we try to do, and we try to help them out with financial/frugal recommendations. But this still is a hard nut to crack! Some are a bit susceptible to the idea, most live according to the YOLO principle (“you only live once”). We are however finding that they do confide in us more, which is a great trend. They also value our opinion about (handling) money, which is also very rewarding. Maybe there is still some hope 🙂

Fire at the Fire Pit

Most of the talk around fire was about the actual fire and songs around fire. Out came the phones and (thanks to WIFI) we had fun listening to various songs about fire, while watching fire. But where we started out OK, it quickly got out of hand and very tacky! A short selection in increasingly tackier order…..


How do you mix FIRE and a (short) holiday? How was your latest (short) holiday, where you also tired when you came home. In dire need of another holiday?


  1. I admit to having to look up what a Landal Greenpark was. Looks like an affordable fun time for families! Very frugal of you!

    I see a lot of parents taking their kids on long international vacations and always wonder if the kids appreciate what it costs…

    Then again, I’m doing this in the month of October. We’re headed to Japan. Sure hope my kids appreciate the expense!

    1. They will appreciate the time, but not the money involved with the long trip (at least not the younger ones). You really have to do the longer trips for yourself. But Japan is one very nice trip to look forward too! Have fun.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Interesting how holidays work, that after some days off, you are in dire need of some more 😉

    I still have a a short week planned to Lisboa and another weekend later this year with the family somewhere in the Netherlands. Really looking forward to it. First one isn’t that frugal, but hey you only live once right 😉

  3. Great trip! Fun with the family, beers and beer infused songslists!

    The bloodhound gang song is a great one. Reminds me of my studies when we listened to the song during exams…

    Great that the family starts to listen o what you have to tell on finances. That is one great step. I try to help 2 neighborhood friends on the investment topic… Slow progress.

    1. The bloodhound gang brings back good memories, say them back long ago in The Haque at parkpop.
      At my mom’s retirement garden party this weekend I tried to see if some people would appreciate the FIRE principles……nope

  4. Man, it sounds like a fun trip. There is something about fire that gets adults all fired up. My friend had a pig roast last month and someone ended up setting up a ramp and jumping a bonfire pit with very high flames on a dirt bike! I just started laughing when I saw you picture of the tree sticking out.

    I think people forget that the YOLO principle and FIRE can coincide. You can still have fun without emptying your savings account or maximizing your credit card. There is a fine balance that can be struck for those that are open and willing.

    Thanks for the read today.


    1. Hey Bert, sounds like your friends had a pretty good BBQ. You can definitely do some YOLO and FIRE at the same time, you just got to be wise with the funds.
      Take care mate!

  5. Klinkt als een goede (korte) vakantie die jullie gehad hebben. En het is dan wel zo leuk om je schoonouders een dagje mee te nemen inderdaad.
    De laatste keer was in mei voor ons. Met de auto naar Italië en overnacht in hotels. Niet het meest perfecte wat je kan doen als het gaat om FIRE, maar wel erg leuk.

    1. Dat was het zeker. Hebben ook al bedacht wat we gaan doen met de schoonouders, gaat helemaal goed komen 😉
      Soms is het niet erg om wat geld uit te geven aan een vakantie, je houdt er vaak leuke herinneringen aan over!

  6. Die laatste video XD Jeetje.

    Enfin. Ik probeer natuurlijk vrij budget op vakantie te gaan, maar dit lukt niet altijd omdat ik alleen reis. Maar om de kosten te drukken kijk ik natuurlijk ook wat ik hier (gratis) kan doen. 🙂

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