Thank You

Somewhat inspired by Mr. 1500 gratitude Friday, todays post is centered around “Thank You”. We have a lot to be grateful about, and it is time to express some of that gratitude.

Life is Good

Life is treating us very nicely, we are happy, healthy and on our way to lots of free time. But before we get there we have to work our butts off. A good life does not come easy, well the financial and healthy part at least. The rest of life can come quite easy as long as you are able to be happy with the little things in life. Mrs. CF being the wise one in the household figured this out a long time ago. I needed to be nudged into the right direction. But for that we have the internet!

Thank You
Thank You!


The gratitude for FIRE started back in the summer of 2013, when Mrs. CF showed me an article on MoneySense about Jacob Lund Fisker. Jacob runs the blog extreme it is. Jacob managed to live on just $7.000 a year. What per year? Yes, $7k per year! That was a bit of an eye opener and gave me some insight on how (extremely) frugal you have to be to make this happen. In return of this extreme frugality you get time and freedom, which is what I really wanted at that moment in time. Albeit life was good, the job satisfaction was not.

For most people (including us) this ERE lifestyle is a bit too much. In some countries this $7K figures is not even possible due to cost of living and mandatory health insurance. Then again, you can always move! But it was the general FIRE philosophy, and living with less, that’s the important concept. The rest is adaptation and perseverance. Thank you Jacob!

Via Jacob I ended up at the famous Mr. Money Mustache, but also Go Curry Cracker and Root of Good. Slowly I started to see how my (and thereby our) life could be directed in a “better” direction. Both financially and personally/emotionally, life was already good, but it was bound to get a whole lot better. Thank you Pete, Jeremy and Justin!


FIRE and fun are two topics that can be easily mixed, but only few are really good at putting this down on “paper”. My personal preference is Mr. 1500. So thank you Carl for the fun and laughs of the last few years. You have been really good at mixing FIRE with soiled underwear from laughing hard. I certainly hope there are many more years to come!

Freedom Through Dividends

As we initially were not sure what our preferred investment method was, we started looking at many options. However, we eventually ended up with a preference for both Dividend Growth Investing and Real Estate. The Real Estate we primarily figured out ourselves, but for DGI we were definitely inspired by others.

So a special thanks goes out to Jason Fieber (former Dividend Mantra, now Mr Free at 33), The Diplomats (Bert and Lanny) and Dividend Growth Investor. We are both very grateful for the inspiration, education and lessons learned. We have now build a nice DGI portfolio, which is far from perfect, but trending in the right direction thanks to you.


Our final gratitude goes out to you our readers. In the almost 2 years “we” are blogging now, we have received lots of feedback and were able to meet several of you in person. This has been very rewarding and a lot of fun! We hope that we can continue doing this for a very long time.

Thank you!


How about you, who get’s your gratefulness for getting you to go in the right direction?


  1. What a lovely post and great reminder to value what we have. I am particularily grateful for my wonderful family.
    I fully agree: LIFE IS GOOD!!
    The FI/RE community with all these inspiring people, concepts, goals and ideas are a real blessing and transformed my life even to the better.
    Thanks and all the best!

  2. Gratitude is a good habit and part of a journey to happiness. Good that you practice this.

    You have made a super evolution it seems.

    My gratitude goes to the community, the people that organise meet ups and that attend meetups. And the blogs that show me the emotional part of .

    1. Still a numbers/practical/theory guy, don’t expect to much “emotional” stuff from my end 😉
      That being said, still happy our paths crossed.

  3. Great post! I’m grateful for many things in my life, of which a few you’ve already covered in this post. And what Avi says: thanks for meet-ups!

    Interesting fact: we used the same inspiration towards DGI 😉

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