August 2017 Savings Rate

We are back on steam with our August 2017 Savings Rate! Great result overall and we even have booked most of our holiday accommodations for September this month as well.

August Finances

August was about as much fun as July. Summer months are really a great time of the year. Funnily enough the second half of the summer was considerably better financially. Here is a short financial overview of the month:

  • We received our regular incomes this month, nothing special to report. Next month there is another expense claim awaiting payment;
  • The crowdfunding income was €180 in deposits (combined interest and principle), which is below normal. Mental note, check the numbers!;
  • Living and healthcare spending was very low this month. It was literally a third of that of last month! But July had a major repair bill included. This month we had no quarterly payments for insurance or any taxes due;
  • The transport costs were also well below average with over €213 spent (again, about a third of last month. I see a trend….). Only some fuel, insurance and ferry tickets :
  • Grocery costs were also below normal this month with a total of about €263. Guess the high number for last month averaged out. No special purchases;
  • The kid category was, as per usual, really stable. But we have now paid the final instalment of the daycare fees. Still awaiting the new costs for after school care (they do already have our account number, oh boy). It should be less, but we don’t know by how much just yet. This will start as of October 2;
  • Travel and Leisure was about €316. This included all the fees for 7 nights stay in 2 different locations. We booked one via AirB&B, one via a regular travel site. We also booked one night directly at the hotel, but we will pay this one at arrival. There were also a few minor costs for day trip items for our Miss CF; and,
  • The other category was about €136. This included some swimwear, couple of small gifts and some random small expenses.

August 2017 Savings Rate 

The savings rate for August was a whopper again with 64,4%. The year-to-date savings rate is now back up to 59,3%. We are holding on to the badass gold saver status 🙂 

Here are the stats:

August 2017 Savings Rate - Overview
August 2017 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

August 2017 Savings Rate - Expenses
August 2017 Savings Rate – Expenses

Looking forward to September, it will likely be another good month. No major expenses anticipated and we are even expecting a back-payment of the utility provider. This extra money will help offset some of the holiday expenses.


How did you do in August? Any holiday expenses that affected the numbers?


    1. A vacation is a very good reason to have a lower savings rate, you have to live too!
      But wait until you see the Savings Rate for next year, will be horrible (reduced income and a 9 week road trip).

  1. Wow. A savings rate in excess of 60%. That is pretty darn impressive. But what’s funny is that is the norm for you here based on some of the other savings rates posted during the month. Great job of managing your expenses and playing great defense with your finances.

    Take care and keep on inspiring me!


  2. How do you calculate your savingsrate?

    And do you include any passive income as income? Do you count your home mortgage principal as expenses or savings?

    1. Check the first link in the post, leads you to the detailed post on how we calculate the savings rate. But to answer your questions, do we include passive income? No. We only include the interest of the mortgage in our costs, the rest (principal) is neither a savings or and expense. It’s kind or regarded as an asset change from cash into private real estate, which are both non-income producing assets. But if we had to pick between savings or expense, a savings it would be.

    1. Ah, but you enjoyed one heck of a holiday with the family! On that note, you should see our SR estimate for next year with the envisaged 9 week holiday 😉

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