August 2017 Dividend Update

The month of August is typically not a month with a high dividend income. However, now that our portfolio is starting to really grow, we still had a very decent income. Let take a look at the August 2017 Dividend Update.

Monthly Dividend Update

With AH taking another dive this month, we added yet more shares to the position and are now at 800 shares (and losing money on paper….). The business is generally good, albeit upcoming heavy competition from the US is not helping. The share price has dropped about 30% from its high a few months back, and we have been buying on the way down. Probably not a bad moment in time to buy this stock, albeit it will go down further if we get another crisis (North Korea anyone?).

We continue to DRIP as many shares as possible (no fees and some share price discounts!). These include the usual monthly dividend payers such as AAR.UN, CJR.B, DRG.UN, LIQ.UN, HR.UN, PLZ.UN, CIX and SJR.B. We also dripped a few others including EMA, MIC and POT.

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August Dividends

All the dividend deposits received into the bank accounts (correct for exchange rates) sum up to a total dividend income of ~€378. That is pretty neat! It’s actually an increase of about 6.6% compared to last year. This is not stellar, but at least it’s an increase!

Talking about an increase, we were a bit too soon with posting last months’ dividend update. There were some dividends that came in late and where higher then anticipated. In short, last months total dividend has been revised to €499.30. The YOY increase for July therefore jumped to 9.5%.

August 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
August 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015 and 2016, and a year-to-date dividend total for 2017. We are slowly creeping up towards the total for 2016. It’s not unlikely that we will hit this by next month!

The “Dutch” dividend income (AH, ABN, BOS, UNA and RDSA) are all after taxes (15%). The rest are held in RRSP’s and are not taxed (we will pay withholding tax when we withdraw from the account, but the dividends are not taxed themselves).

August 2017 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend Overview
August 2017 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend Overview

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio still contains 46 companies with a total of 12.133 shares and looks like this (up 2.089 shares from a year ago):

August 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Overview
August 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

August 2017 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
August 2017 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation


Are you satisfied with you August Dividend Income? How much free money did you get?




  1. Nice, nice, nice……. if this is one of the slowest months. …. Let the next months start soon!!!
    Building a strong foundation takes slow progress. But I can say that you are building a heck of a skyscraper.

  2. A 6.6% annual increase is good to me. Did you add any shares (besides DRIP) to your portfolio over the past 12-months that helped boost this increase, or did it all come from DRIP and dividend increases?

  3. Ahold definitely is a buy at these prices. I wouldn’t care to much about diversification. Write a more puts on it at current price. If you are not assigned you get a ‘free’ premium and if assigned collect those dividends until you want to invest in something else and then start writing calls to get rid of some of the excess stocks and get some extra premiums in the process.

    1. That is part of the plan, only problem is that our average price is so high (compared to current levels), premiums are quite low (even for the longer term). So has to be a staged approach I guess.

  4. Pretty good for a slow month! Do you have any idea whether the increase was mostly from new investments or dividend increases?

  5. Hi there Cheesy Financy. Great month! August might be one of the slower months, but still, almost €500 is a substantial amount of money to just receive for doing nothing :). Like you I’m also looking at Ahold Delhaize. They become more attractive every single day. Just wonderring, what broker do you use that allows so many drips? Do they also have partial shares? My broker (Binck) is verly limited when it comes to that.

    1. Hey Mate,
      We use ING and a Canadian broker (as part of our pension account we have over there). The Canadian broker allows the drips (whole share only). ING does also “drip” in the sense that they convert dividend to new shares (without fees), and again whole shares only.
      Oh, for the record, July was almost €500 (after correcting some estimated numbers for the actuals), August was limited to €378. Still not bad though!

  6. Solid total with a year over year increase. Nothing to complain about here 🙂 I know we all want to see double digit gains but it’s not always possible. Last month I had a 3% gain. Nothing stellar but positive change is always welcome. Besides, who doesn’t love getting “free” money every month?

  7. Nice results. Combine this with rental income and you look to be in a good position!

    How about selling some long term calls at your average price? Is there enough premium to do so?

    1. If you add all real estate and dividend income, we would actually be FI for this month at about €2400. But this is still the exception and not the rule!
      I’ve actually got a couple of call options on some of these dividend shares. Most should expire either this month or in December.

  8. Hi Team CF,
    Not too shabby for one of the slowest months in the year for you!
    Nice progress on your portfolio as well, most of the single positions are bigger than my entire portfolio 😀
    I only received ~€13 during August but we got to start somewhere…
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Right, not shabby at all 🙂
      We definitely all got to start somewhere, you will get here soon enough, just keep your focus and do your homework.
      Cheers BI!

  9. I also started to look at AH. Probably would buy if I had some available money to buy stocks right now. Instead, we had to sell some 🙁
    I see that with this purchase AH has actually become your biggest holding. Is there a point where you would stop buying…?

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