August 2017 Cheesy Index

The August 2017 Cheesy Index provided yet another positive month, but the (Dutch) stock market fluctuations did make a small dent. We did have a very good savings ratedividend income and rental income, which helped us increase our net worth in August.

August 2017 Cheesy Index

Considering the low expenses and good investment income, the Cheesy Index continued to increase to new heights! The August 2017 Cheesy Index increased to 63.6%. We are still aiming for 65% by the end of the year, which we are confident we will reach. We are anticipating to breach the 64% barrier in September, subject to stock market fluctuations, of course.

August 2017 Cheesy Index
August 2017 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

We actually got Mrs. CF’s final tax assessment back for 2015. This means we can finally also book this tax return into our net worth. I’m quite happy with this considering I’ve been manually correcting the net worth (and this Cheesy Index) for the last year and a bit. We had initially received too much and were required to pay about half of the amount back.

The error came from misinterpretation when filling out the paper tax forms. Why the paper version? Because it was the year we got back from our international adventures, you cannot file digitally for those years….. What was the final tax return? Around €1550! That’s a lot of money, so we are happy with this corrected assessment.

More good news for the future Cheesy Index is the return of overpaid money for utilities. We received about €896 back last week. Pardon?! How much, I hear you ask. Too much! The main reason is that we moved last year. The previous owners had just installed solar panels and that extra savings had not been include in the energy consumption for this address. In short, our energy supplier expected a high use and thus gave us a high monthly payment to start with.

In reality we used much less than the previous owners and the solar panels provided quite a bit of energy too. So in the last year we had dropped the monthly payment twice (by about a third!), as we noticed we did not use as much. Still, we got a massive amount. Won’t happen again this year!


How were the developments in your net worth or “index” for August?


  1. Well done Cheesy! Only a bit more to go in order to reach your yearly goal!
    I’m actually interested in the solar panel part. I’m thinking about installing them maybe next year, but I’d need to make some calculations. What is your experience so far (besides of the refund)?

    1. We pretty much have free electricity on a yearly basis (actually supplied back to the grid). The panels work well so far, no operational issues yet (but they are new). They appear to make their estimated output. It seems that return on investment is about 6-8 years. Probably not a bad investment to be honest!

  2. Whow, Nice numbers again CF….. Aways a realy nice moment when you get a nice amount of money back into your pocket.

    And extra money when it comes from the SUN…… Whow that is a fine BONUS!!!!

  3. Nice, those extra payments will give your Cheesy index a boost in the right direction!

    I have been lacking in the tracking department lately, and don’t even know our savings rate of last month. The more I’m working towards FI, the less important those numbers appear to become…

    1. Funny how that work eh? The numbers “are not really important”, at least not on paper. In real life they obviously need to work! Seems like you guys are just doing fine. But you are right, there should be an jump in September for sure!

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