September 2017 Savings Rate

I’m going to keep the posts short in the coming while to continue my reduction in RSI symptoms. That being said, our September 2017 Savings Rate was insane, despite our Holiday in Germany!

September Finances

September was a great month, both financially as well as personally  (the holiday helped big time). Here is a short financial overview of the month:

  • We received our regular incomes this month. Mrs CF’s large expense claim was delayed to October, so overall income from labour was slightly lower than normal;
  • We finally received Mrs CF’s 2015 tax return! Glad to have this sorted and the extra almost €1600 was a very nice to have;
  • The crowdfunding income was a whopping €515 in deposits (combined interest and principle), which is way above normal. This is due to a repayment of a one year loan + interest;
  • Living and healthcare was uhm, negative this month (i.e. we “got money” instead of paying). Main reason is the repayment of surplus paid money for gas and electricity for the last year (got almost €900, despite having lowered payments twice last year). The repayment combined with low expense led to a expense of €-314 this month; 
  • The transport costs were well above average with just under €300 spent. But this was purely due to the holiday travels;
  • Grocery costs were also above normal this month with a total of about €400. Also the result of the luxury holiday shopping;
  • The kid category was very low this month due to the switch to going to school and after school care. We also to a bit too much reimbursement from the government, this will be corrected for October. Total costs were under €200;
  • Travel and Leisure was only about €110. The main costs were covered last month and some will fall into October. Costs for fuel and food have been covered above; and,
  • The other category was about €125. This was mainly expense for a gift, workout costs and some minor random expenses.

September 2017 Savings Rate 

The savings rate for September was an insane 90,0% (no this is not a calculation error!). The year-to-date savings rate is now up to 63,0%. We are now solidly in the badass gold saver catergory. 

Here are the stats:

September 2017 Savings Rate - Overview
September 2017 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

September 2017 Savings Rate - Expenses
September 2017 Savings Rate – Expenses

Please note the negative percentage for living and healthcare, this is caused by the major return for G/W/E. Won’t happen again 😉


How did you do in September? Any unusual numbers for you too?


  1. 90% is … outrageous 😀 . Do it next month and I will use Alt F4 😀 😀 😀 .

    Well, I am in that part of Belgium when return for 2016 taxes will be late – most probably next year, but I will have a 90% too 😀 . But regular is around 25% – 30% , and I am happy with this.

    1. haha, yes, it is outrageous! 😉 We will pay next year, so this might be the last time we ever see something like this.
      Keep working on that 25-30%, that being said you are doing pretty good already!

    1. This month is really a whopper, the perfect storm really. That being said we are doing really good for the year and are pretty happy with that result.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Badass numbers! Keep going strong!
    In our system, savings rates are boring as we try to equal out all fixed expenses and even “emeegency” expenses

    That being said, we will get back the taxes already this year! Double repayment means great overall SR. 2018 could be the year without tax refund… I am curious to see what that will do to our numbers

    1. Same here on the tax “return” for 2018, we will certainly be paying next year. This will also likely be the last year with a massive savings rate. Due to 2 months of unpaid leave and 9 weeks of travel, the savings rate for 2018 will be “horrible”, but totally worth it!

    1. No, this savings rate is insane and completely ridiculous! It’s also atypical and distorted greatly by the refund and tax return. That being said, we are extremely happy with a YTD overall savings rate of 63%.

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