September 2017 Cheesy Index

The September 2017 Cheesy Index was such a great thing to calculate! This as we already hit the yearly target, and we are only in October!

September 2017 Cheesy Index

Thanks to the low expenses for September and good investment income streams, the Cheesy Index continued its march to new heights! The September 2017 Cheesy Index increased to 65.0%, our target value for the whole of 2017! We are now very curious to see where this year is going to bring us, but it looks to be very good. Unless Mr Market gets very, very angry….

Here are the stats:

September 2017 Cheesy Index
September 2017 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

The forecast for the Cheesy Index is rather good. All units are rented, we are expecting a 13th month payment for Mrs CF and a new sign-on bonus for Mr CF (contract extension). This will help us bring in more money and increase our net worth. How far are we going to get this year? I’m not sure, but it would not surprise me if we actually hit 66% or higher. This is assuming that the market stays high until the end of the year. But only time will tell.

On a different note, the net cashflow from our Real Estate and our dividends for the first 9 months of this year adds up to ~€19.500 (before taxes!). This is about €14.000 for the RE and €5.500. Our “core” expenses YTD (this excludes daycare, but includes holidays) were around €18.000 (which is below our FI target of €18.750). This would mean we would have been FI for the last 9 months! Kind of cool, but as shown above in graph, which does include taxes, we still have a bit more to go. But it is promissing!

How were the developments in your net worth or “index” for September (or October, if you are quick with calculating your finances)?


    1. We did not even take value increase into consideration, this was only by cash-flow. We would be well covered if we also take wealth growth into account. But agree, could be completely different next year.

  1. Another amazing month! I love the last paragraph how you talk about being able to achieve FI. Man that is really cool that your income streams were able to cover your low monthly expenses. Keep up the great work and stay cheesy!


    1. Thanks Bert, yeah that last paragraph was great news to us too. Went way better this year than we expected, but we have large RE related expenses coming up next year, so we won’t repeat this again in 2018 I’m afraid. Still a ways to go.

  2. Due to the fact you have 2 passive income streams coming in, I think you need not fear Mr. Market that much 😉

    1. Good point, it’s a bit of an apple and pear comparison. That being said, the Cheesy Index assumes a 4% net return and associated taxes. This year our net income from dividends and real estate is well above 4%. That explains the being “FI for 9 months without taxes”, with a cheesy index of only 65%. Still aiming for the full 100% to also have some buffer.

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