Successful Eindhoven BENL Meetup

It was a rather successful Eindhoven BENL Meetup, if I may say so myself. We had a total of 38 people (and one little person) join last Saturday to talk money and FIRE for the day. As with every event we have organized in the past, we walk away with lots of things to discuss and review. So many new ideas!

Eindhoven BENL Meetup

The group that met was quite diverse (as per usual), both in terms of bloggers and non-bloggers. Some people are FIRE already, other have no desire to become FIRE at all. This makes for great discussions and the ability to explore other viewpoints. We really enjoy this part of the event; random discussions with complete (internet) strangers and new friends.

That being said, we always try to make a program that is diverse in nature. However, due to time restrictions and the difficulty of finding presenters, this is always a challenge. The event in Eindhoven was this time geared towards the investing side of things with presentations on Cryctocurrencies and investing in Holdings (I’m in the process to see if we can make guest posts about the two presentations).

We also hosted the loverly Mr and Mrs W from Whatlifecouldbe. They are already FIRE and are actively working on a European version of the “Rockstar Finance” site:

They also presented and provided information about a European FIRE event that they organize: FIWE. The next one is schedule for the summary of 2018. For more details, see the FIWE link above.

BENL FIRE Meetup Eindhoven
Many Cheese-heads at the BENL FIRE Meetup in Eindhoven

Other Bloggers

Obviously some of the bloggers make a short write up of these meetups, below is a summary of a few of them (mainly in Dutch!) from the Eindhoven edition last weekend:

EindhovenCon – FIRE meetup (2)

BENL Meetup Eindhoven

Next Time?

Of course we are going to continue with organizing these events. It is very rewarding and fun. The next event will likely be in February or March of 2018 in Leuven, Belgium. Those that attended the last few events will get an invite to propose their favorite days, from which we will select the final date (or dates, if we make this a weekend long event).

Successful Eindhoven BENL Meetup
Successful Eindhoven BENL Meetup

We are obviously already looking for new presentations and discussion topics. Some already proposed include:

  • Preferred Shares
  • Permaculture
  • The ethics of investing
  • Investment loans
  • Estate planning and inheritance
  • Financial Planners, are they worth a visit?

If you have a topic you are interested in, please let us know. If you want to present a topic yourself, you are encouraged to let us know too.

Amber Tree Leaves and us will keep you posted on the developments for the 5th BENL meetup.



  1. Thanks for organising another great meetup! I would be very interested in discussing the ethical side of FIRE (not just investing, but also organic vs cheap food, bargain flights yay/nay, meaningful (volunteer) work vs. high salary, etc. I hope I can make Leuven. See you, C.

  2. THank you from my side as well for organising this meetup. I really enjoyed it and was worth flying there from Romania! 🙂
    I’d love to dive deeper in the topic of teaching personal finance to young people. Since we have an economics teachers and at least a blogger who started creating presentasions (Dividend Cake) about it, I think we have a good basis.
    Looking forward to more such meetups.

    1. You are very welcome, was a great pleasure to meet you in person! Glad you guys enjoyed your time and that you believed it was worth the trip. I strongly agree that the topic of personal finance deserves more attention at a young age, I applaud your (and others) efforts to make this happen. When I have more time, I might join in on that party too. Just need to become FI first 😉

  3. Also my big thanks for arranging the event. It was more then worth to visit for me. I’m curious about the permaculture, ethics and Financial planners as well.
    I hope Leuven will not be dealbraker for me to visit.

    1. There will always be Utrecht (or some other location) thereafter, we won’t be able to do all topic during one meetup anyways. That being said, if you could make it, that be great!

  4. He, that’s me on the left side with the yellow blur on my face!

    Let’s pick a date a soon as possible. Both Martina and I never went to Leuven (yet) so we will merge the meeting with a city trip and book a hotel for the weekend.

    1. There are a few things we need to check out, but we are planning to setup the possible dates quickly. Heck, we might even make this a weekend long thing if we can.

  5. Thanks for hosting again! Day was over before we knew it, was a great time spending with all.
    Like the ethics and financial planner topics. Would also love to see room for a discussion 🙂

    1. It was a pleasure having you too! Thank you so much for coming and giving the presentations about FIWE and Looking forward to meeting you again in the future, either here or in Romania!

  6. We really enjoyed it! I like the ethics and the permaculture. And I’m curious about the spending habits of FIRE-enthousiasts. How much money is enough for living? But maybe that is more a speeddate-subject?!

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