October 2017 Dividend Update

Good morning (or whatever time of the day you are reading this), we got a pretty juicy October 2017 Dividend Update!

Monthly Dividend Update

It was a bit of a wild month. We had been eyeing several Real Estate opportunities for a while. To be able to know with certainty how much money we would have, we decided to liquidate a portion of the Dutch dividend shares. We sold shares that made a bit of a profit, including ABN, RDSA and BOS. In case of RDSA, we should have kept them a little longer as they skyrocketed the last few weeks. But hindsight is 20-20 and we did not know if the opportunity would materialize quickly! Unfortunately it didn’t, but that’s ok. You win some, you loose some, at least we still have the cash ready to be deployed.

We will likely also sell the UN and AH shares too and transfer into other (higher yielding) cash-flow investments. Once that cash-flow is ongoing, we will like start to re-invest into dividend shares and/or index funds. The jury is still out on this one, it also depends on what the market is doing.

We continued to DRIP as many shares as possible (no fees and some share price discounts!). These include the usual monthly dividend payers such as (and a few quarterly payers too such as BNS, AQN, AGU and GS):

  • AAR.UN (REIT);
  • CJR.B (Communication Services);
  • CIX (Finance);
  • DRG.UN (REIT);
  • LIQ.UN (Consumer Staples);
  • SJR.B (Communication Services);
  • HR.UN (REIT); and,
  • PLZ.UN (REIT).

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October Dividends

All the dividend deposits received into the bank accounts (correct for exchange rates) sum up to a total dividend income of almost €730. This is an increase of about 33.9% compared to last year. This is mainly driven by a special dividend from GS (a Canadian financial institution for high net worth individuals). This added a whopping €181 to the total dividend. We very much approve!

The stats for last month:

October 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
October 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015 and 2016, and a year-to-date dividend total for 2017. Yes, we beat our income from 2016, with two more months to go!

October 2017 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend Overview
October 2017 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend Overview

The “Dutch” dividend income (AH, ABN, BOS, UNA and RDSA) are all after taxes (15%). The rest are held in RRSP’s and are not taxed (we will pay withholding tax when we withdraw from the account, but the dividends are not taxed themselves).

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio now contains 43 companies with a total of 11.472 shares (up 1.575 shares from a year ago).

It looks like this:

October 2017 Dividend Update - Dividend Overview
October 2017 Dividend Update – Dividend Overview

Big note here as I was not able to record all stock values around month end. The above is a snap shot with the majority of the share values as per close of business on October 16.

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

October 2017 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
October 2017 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation


How was your October dividend income, any good surprises for you too?


    1. Hey Sjonnie,
      Look up the bar graph (2D or 3D), add in multiple series for each year you have data (it will automatically put the side by side assuming you have the same x-axis data). Then check the graph formatting to add in the data boxes at the bottom of the graph (and other labels as you like).

    1. Funny you mention this (“didn’t expect anything else”), we are still awaiting something negative to happen at some point. Perhaps the pessimist in my speaking 😉

  1. Very impressive growth there 🙂

    Friendly advice, when doing charts, generally speaking less is more. If you get rid of the 3D effects, the grid lines and stuff like that, your charts will stand out more and be more readable. These simple changes can make the presentation of these awesome numbers even better.

    1. But I like my 3D effects 🙂 It’s only one graph anyways. Added the numbers at the bottom to still be able to see the changes in detail. I like minimalism, but I don’t always adhere to it.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. October is a very bad month for me in terms of dividend income, so I’m looking at this with a bit of jealousy 🙂 Nice job, especially that you already beat your 2016 income!

  3. Hi CF!
    Very nice dividend income! I shared my savings ratio last week will share my dividend income also by the end of the year, very curious what i did in 2017. Let’s hope the bull market continues for some time 😉

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