Book Review: Financial Freedom

This is a bit of a bonus post and something that I don’t do often. Actually, I’ve never done this before! Today a quick book review: financial freedom, conversations with people how don’t have to work anymore.

Book Review: Financial Freedom

For those people who know me, I don’t read books. I’m too much a millennial with focusing issues. I can read articles and short pieces (blog posts included), but I get bored when I read a book. I don’t seem to be able to sit still long enough to focus. Going to University was a challenge from this perspective :-).

So to be brutally honest, I did not completely read this book either, but I did read several of the chapters and scanned through most of the rest (all 122 pages of it).

Book Review - Financial Freedom
Book Review – Financial Freedom: conversations with people who don’t have to work anymore

The book consists of two “parts”. The first half is related to some of the practical and emotional aspects of FIRE. Including the more philosophical questions of the drivers behind FIRE. It’s definitely NOT a self-help book in “how to get invest to get to FIRE”. However, it does provide the basics in terms of savings and investing.

The second part of the book is showcasing several different interviews with people who are FIRE. How they got there, why they did it and how they are doing. Due to the variety it’s really quite interesting. I’ve actually enjoyed this part of the book the most. It’s been inspiring and given some nice insights into others that are bit ahead of us in terms of this “I don’t need to work anymore” thing.

Where and how much?

More details about the author (Gisela Enders) and the book can be found here:

On this page you can also find the link to where you can order the book. But please pay attention, the book should be available for the reduced price of €2.99 (regular price is €14.99) between November 24 – 26, 2017.

The book was translated into English for free and all the proceeds of the English version of the book will be donated to a children’s home in Romania. That’s a clear win-win if you ask me!


Full disclaimer: I don’t get AHY money or other rewards/reimbursements for this and nor do I want any. This really just has been a “pay if forward” effort.



    1. They are indeed the stories that are easy to read and are very motivational! Especially in the beginning, when we just discovered FIRE, I read as many as I could. loved it!

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