The Journey to FIRE is Horrible

The journey to FIRE is horrible, no really! All the choices, things you have to discover and find out. it takes an enormous amount of time and what do you get in return, money. Lovely….

The Journey to FIRE is Horrible

I remember it as if it was yesterday, the day I discovered the principles of FIRE. Thank you ERE, and that guy with a Mustache, for making my life overly complicated and difficult. Ever since that one day in the summer of 2014 our lives have revolved around the journey to FIRE, and it has been a emotional disaster.

The Journey to FIRE is Horrible
The Journey to FIRE is Horrible!


When you first find one of those so-called FIRE blogs your brain starts to process this new information. In most cases one of these light bulbs turns on and you become enlightened, whatever that might be. Suddenly you find yourself craving for more of these blogs, and books, and podcasts, heck even meeting up with others who have the same interest. It’s all just such a waste of time, time you could be spending on spending money! Or watching TV or any other way of not making yourself useful. Think of all the reductions in wasting time, it’s horrible.


Apparently the major thing you need to do on the road to FIRE is spent as little as possible. Something to do with a high savings rate and the ability to shorten this horrible journey. OK, so no more sports cars, exotic all-inclusive 5 star holidays and no new fancy label cloths. Where’s the fun in that? You only live once! Why on earth do you want more money? An empty wallet is just so much less confusing, no opportunities to spend money at all! Now that is a stress free life if you’d ask me.


Since you suddenly have money to spare, there seems to be this thing about making money with money. Right, as if money can duplicate itself? Ever seen mating euros or dollars? Thought so.

But you start looking at investments anyways (despite knowing better), and then you find out that there are so many! First there are these things called stocks, that seem to just go up over time, albeit with the occasional hiccup. But there are so many, it’s like trying to figure out which candy is the best? Just buy the bloody candy store!

Then there are those wooden and concrete boxes that you live in. There are entire movements of people spending money on these and then not live in them? What’s the point? No, they let other people live in those boxes, who even pay for this! Strange world.

Then there are those companies that pay you money regularly, just for being an owner of the place. Shouldn’t they just spend that money on Christmas bonuses for their worker bees? But no, that would make too much sense, wouldn’t it.

Just the sheer volume of options gives me stress. Heck, Options give me stress. Investments, they are really bad for you health, seriously!

Personal Development

Once you have finally overcome the many doses of Prozac and other stress mitigating drugs, there is this thing called personal development. For Pete’s sake, does this FIRE journey never end? Now I suddenly have to figure out what I’m going to do with all this money, sorry, I mean time. Time is money, so money must mean time? I’m confused.

Ok, so you suddenly have time. Since you apparently are no longer allowed to waste time (or was it money?),  you have to think of ways to make  yourself useful. Right, so I’m finally of the Prozac and I again get too many options what to do with my life. This thing just never ends, does it? It’s just one long and tiring emotional rollercoaster, without seatbelts and many loops. The journey to FIRE is horrible, period! Don’t recommend doing any of this nonsense.


End Rant 😉



  1. Haha – yes it is stressful! Having nothing is worse..and getting to the end will hopefully be stressless too. But then you can worry about your investments I suppose..something to always worry about 🙂

    We’re all in this crazy journey together.

    Mr DDU

  2. This post was hilarious! Paralysis by analysis can be a stressful thing though! I have just decided to pick a plan and go with it, even though I am not sure it is the perfect plan. Haha

  3. Love it! There’s a line in the song “The Outdoor Type” from the Lemonheads that goes “What if something’s on TV and it’s never shown again?”. Your post reminded me of the silliness of that line. But there are no-doubt folks out there who feel that way, and they can’t be bothered with learning how to manage their money.

  4. Tongue in cheek – You’ve met your match! Hahaha. Yeah, I hate it too.

    (Let’s keep this our little secret – the fewer in the club the better. JK!) 😉

  5. In life, try to prevent as many “have to’s” and “should do’s”. That’s the fun part of FIRE: you can finally do want you really like to do!
    Off topic: please remove that annoying popup-thing. You are better than that.

      1. Is sure does 😉 Albeit little convincing was needed here, even I thought it was annoying, just had not come around to fixing it yet.

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