November 2017 Savings Rate

Cool, another month with “just above normal” savings rates. Not entirely expected, but we will take it! Here is the November 2017 Savings Rate.

November Finances

November was another very good month. But also for an less fortunate reason. We wanted to have some work done on our house/roof. But could not due to the crappy weather. We have moved the appointment twice already as it needs to be dry. Dry and November don’t go well together! Go figure…. In short, the €1200 maintenance bill is postponed until further notice (just need dry weather AND availability of the roofing contractor, how hard can that be in December?!).

Financial Overview

Here is a short financial overview:

  • Due to receiving 4 weekly wage payments for Mr CF, you always have one month per year with 2 payments! November was it 🙂 . So we received a lot of money in November. No expense claims though or other extra income. We thus had a well above normal month from in income perspective;
  • The crowdfunding income was below normal with €184 in deposits (combined interest and principle), some payments were received already last month (bank error);
  • Living and healthcare category was high at about €1.016 in total. This includes costs for mortgage interest, home insurance, healthcare premiums, utilities and some minor home maintenance. We also bought 9 “wind participations” through our energy supplier (€440). This is a one-off charge (they use the proceeds to build a new windturbine) that provides a discount to energy consumption for the next 5 years. Call it a prepayment for green electricity use; 
  • The transport costs were way above average with €791 spent. The €500 deductible for the second windscreen this year really hurt (first one was free, but changed he policy earlier this year. Because how big is the chance of having two windows cracked/broken in one year……right?!);
  • Grocery costs were again well below normal this month with just €281;
  • The kid category was above the “new” normal with about €617, which is consisting of after school care (4 days per week, including benefits) and a one-off school fee;
  • Travel and Leisure was €0. No money spent at all? Really?! Strange thing was that is was quite busy on the social front, but all free! How about that; and,
  • The other category was about €170. Money was spend on some cloths, gifts and the gym for Mrs CF.

November 2017 Savings Rate 

The savings rate for November was a very good 71.7%. The year-to-date savings rate is now up to 64,5%. We are definitely not going to make platinum for 2017, but the badass gold saver category “winner” is in the bag! 

Here are the stats:

November 2017 Savings Rate - Overview
November 2017 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

November 2017 Savings Rate - Expenses
November 2017 Savings Rate – Expenses


How was your November from a savings perspective?


  1. Those are some seriously impressive numbers! Your entire 2017 savings rate is awesome. You’ll be able to reach whatever financial goals you currently have set in lightning speed. Looking forward to following your journey 🙂

    1. Hey Zach,
      You should see what we have planned for 2018… going to kill off that lightning speed very quickly. Will be writing the forecast for next year sometime around the Christmas break.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi TeamCF. Great numbers again. Thumbs up.
    But €0 spend on leisure? How about the restaurant visit on the 4th of November? In which category did you put those spent Euro’s?

    1. It’s interest only for the mortgage, the down payment of principle is considered “a shift” in assets and comes back in the cheesy index as wealth.

    1. The cracks were big enough that they would not allow the car to legally pass a yearly inspection (APK). They were both in the line of sight for the driver. In short, they had to be replaced, no choice here. Could have adapted the timing perhaps for the second to next year.

  3. Another good month, congrats. I just got a new roof on my house last week. The old one was at 22 years and I had two small leaks, couldn’t procrastinate any more.

    So, $5200 later, I have a new roof, also with new insulation in the attic. Some things just have to be done, but that blows my November #’s out of the water to say the least!

    1. Thanks AF! That’s actually a cheap new roof, all thing considered. The house we live in now got a new roof (done by the previous owners) and insulation. Total cost: €20.000! They also added solar panels at the same time (another €5000). So most of the roof is fine, it’s the front façade that has issues with water and needs fixing in the near term.

  4. Wow, you did a great job again! I‘m always impressed by people who save more than half of their available income. But you’re really crushing it!

    Our November savings rate was close to 50%, which is clearly higher than our average savings rate in 2017. However, I‘m pretty sure that we‘ll be able to increase our average savings rate for the third year in a row, if December won‘t hold any surprises for us.

    – David

    1. Hey David, 50% is awesome for November, well done! Ours has been all over the place for the last few years due to various life events. But on average, since inception about 10 years ago, it hovered around 50%. This year it’s going exceptionally well, but next year will be a major dip again, due to some long unpaid leave and travel.

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