October and November 2017 Cheesy Index

Oops, just discovered that I never did the October 217 Cheesy Index. Ha, too busy writing all kinds of ethical stuff. To catch up here are the October and November 2017 Cheesy Index.

October 2017 Cheesy Index

Thanks to the great savings rate of October, the Cheesy Index continued its march upwards. We even blasted past the 2017 target and landed on 66.7%! That absolutely amazing and I had to check all excel sheets to make sure that there was no error somewhere. A 1.7% increase in just a month? How is that possible?

It was a perfect storm, high savings/investment incomes, massive stock market change and favourable exchange rate. Everything aligned nicely for this month. Question remains, could we continue in November?

Here are the stats:

October 2017 Cheesy Index
October 2017 Cheesy Index

November 2017 Cheesy Index

Yes, also in November were able to hold on to the already high Cheesy Index even increase it further. Same as in October, also the November savings rate was great! Include some great dividends and real estate income and you have a winner 🙂

Here are the stats:

November 2017 Cheesy Index
November 2017 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

So, now what? We have moved a lot of our available funds into an RE venture with some other investors. This means that our investment exposure to stocks has somewhat reduced (currently having a tiny exposure to ETF’s and still a sizable dividend portfolio).

Because of this switch we had to end all options contracts that were still open, which hurt, a lot! Simply did not have sufficient margin available to keep them, it was not an decision that was taken lightly. Time will tell if this was a good move. We have started a small position in crypto currencies and we completed our first sustainable investment.

What does this mean for the Cheesy Index? It should continue to increase “slowly” in the next year (2018), without major changes due to stock market changes (up or down) or dropping savings rate (due to unpaid leave and a 2 month European road trip). With a 10 year bull market, we want to be in good position to convert our available cash-flow into ETF’s/Dividend shares when the next correction roles around, whether that be 2018 or 2019 or later.

What to expect for the end of 2017? We anticipate to hit somewhere around the 69.0% mark. It all depends on the stock market (as per usual) and the timing of real estate income (considering January 1 is a Monday, most funds will likely come in on the first week of 2018).


How were the developments in your net worth or “index” for November? How are you shaping up for the year? Also trending towards a record?


  1. You’re making me hungry. All this talk about cheese. Nice work, my fine Dutchy friends!
    Real estate is the way to go I always say. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. Very nice work Team CF! Look at all that cheese! It’s been a real perfect storm for you guys for sure. My net worth bumped up 24% but of a low 4-figure base. Hoping the trend continues for us all over 2018!

    1. Thank you WFT, it’s beginning to turn into quite a cheese pile!
      Pretty impressive net worth jump for you too! 24% is awesome, well done. Wishing you all the best for 2018.

  3. Yep, reaching new records here too. Berkshire has beaten the market once more. My options and leverage plays have compensated for the exchange rate moving against me this year. So even if you look at it in EURO’s it has been a very good year. Filter out the exchange rate and I should be near 30% once again. Leverage, it’s really going to hurt when this puppy turns around …

    1. That last comment is what is frightening me, it will turn around and when it does, it will likely do so with avenges. You have made amazing returns so far, I’m wondering how long you can keep that going…..

    1. Hey AF,
      20% is awesome! We are also up about 20% in terms of net worth, but we are still working, which contributed more than 50% to the wealth increase. Return on investment was OK, but fell a little short compared to the massive increase in US stock market rises. That being said, the cash-flow was really good!
      Happy holidays to you too.

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