Cryptocurrencies: the Combicoin

As all of you are aware (if you are not, you have been living under a rock!), cryptocurrencies have gone bananas lately (and plummeted next). We have also decided to dip our toes into the new world of cryptocurrencies: the Combicoin! It’s not really investing, so much as gambling, but you have to have some fun money, right?

Disclaimer: we have no interests in Triaconta or Combicoin, nor do we get any compensation for writing this post!

However, if you are interested after reading this post and have done your own homework and risk assessment (!), you may use this link to buy your Combicoins:

If you do, we both will get 0.5% extra combicoins.

Update 09-01-2018: the sale of the Combicoin has been temporarily suspended due to a voluntary process to get regulatory approval. For those who already have Combicoins, you are able to sell them back to Triaconta in February, or can wait to sell them on the trading platform once it’s operational. 

Cryptocurrencies: the Combicoin

Because we (currently) lack the general understanding of which cryptocurrencies have more long-term potential than others, it’s difficult to know what to buy. Bitcoin certainly is not the answer as it’s too slow to be used as an actual currency. It also needs amazing amounts of energy to be mined (and traded), not really sustainable!

But which one is? Ripple? Dash? Beats me (you are strongly encouraged to leave some comments)! However, the same applies as with ETF’s and index funds. If you don’t know which one “candy” (read: company/coin) to buy, just buy the candy store! That is how we found the Combicoin. Albeit technically, the Combicoin is not a cryptocurrency but a token.

Cryptocurrencies - Combicoin
Cryptocurrencies – Combicoin


The Combicoin was developed by a bunch of our smart countrymen at a company called Triaconta. They thought that making a candy store was a good idea. So they came up with the Combicoin, which is supposed to be fully backed by the top 30 cryptocurrencies. The idea is that the value of this token is based on the underlying value of the top 30 cryptocurrencies and fluctuates accordingly.

When the asset distribution (which starts at 1/30th for each) gets skewed, the portfolio is rebalanced by buying and selling the underlying cryptocurrencies. This is done periodically or if certain trigger levels are hit. The asset distribution as per 19 December 2017 is as follows (check out their webpage for more up to date information).

Cryptocurrencies - Distribution
Cryptocurrencies – Distribution


Ok, so late November we purchased about 77 Combicoins, which cost us around $15.30 each after exchange rates and fees. The initial investment was thus €1.000. This is what happened next (Extra Note 22-12-2017 – value dropped like a brick to around $28 and recovered a bit):

Cryptocurrencies - Status 19 December 2017
Cryptocurrencies – Status 19 December 2017

But here is the kicker, we cannot sell yet!!! We will have to wait until the company (Triaconta) has developed the trading software. Next it needs to find an exchange that accepts this Combicoin and will allow trading it. Until that time we will have to wait, watch and see what’s going to happen. It does make this rollercoaster ride a lot easier to handle πŸ™‚

We have done our research into the company, the white paper and online reviews and comments. However, I can’t vouch for the company or the token. It seems legit, I have received the tokes and everything seems to go according to what they write on their website. But I now have to trust the company and their abilities to actually make a profit on this investment (or was it a gamble?). Only time will tell.

That being said, it has been a rather hilarious exercise so far! Every time I look, the value goes up or done massively. Bet you that by the time we can sell, the market has imploded and the value of the Combicoin is less then we paid for it. At least we would have had some fun. That being said, we do view this as a buy and hold “investment”.

How about you?

Have you bought cryptocurrencies already? If so, which ones and did you already make some money (i.e. did you actually cash in on the increase in value)? What are you going to do with the proceeds? Reinvest in cryptocurrencies or other? Any recommendations for which individual cryptocurrencies to buy and hold?


  1. Just when I thought I heard it all in the crypto world you have to introduce me to the Combicoin. The idea certainly makes sense. I guess it’s like an ETF of sorts by the way you describe it. Sure no one knows which of the 1300+ coins out there will survive long term, I guess betting on the 30 largest could be a safe way to get long term exposure and minimize risk. Look forward to seeing how this experiment plays out.

    1. Hey DH, yes, it’s a smart idea and because they will rebalance every couple of months it should stay current too. We only bought in because of the philosophy, time will tell if it works. Cheers!

  2. I have been experimenting with gridcoin and boinc (
    What I like about this is that you can volunteer processing power and electricity to help scientific research (like looking for alien life, folding proteins for medicine …) and then get rewarded with gridcoins (which is a cryptocurrency). So your use of electricity is actually useful (only a little is needed for the gridcoin itself). It should make supercomputing cheaper which is a plus for society. One idea I had was this: boinc enables you to distribute calculations over a lot of different types of devices: old pc’s, laptops, phones, raspberry pi’s … so what if you get a lot of this old tech for free of almost free, get them in a centralized location and when energy is cheap (an issue of renewable energy is that at times there is overproduction, energy prices go to zero and they sometimes even have to unhook windmills) boot this puppy up and get an almost free extra supercomputer humming away … Batteries are better since they can both take surplus energy but also give the energy back but still, could be a fun project for a technical school …

      1. It got nothing to do with investing. More my technological curiosity … I doubt very much there is any return to be made but it is fun to tinker with and hardware can be limited to a raspberry pi (or even an old smartphone).

  3. I do like the idea of a crypto type ETF for these types of investments but I think we’re still at an early stage here where most investors are looking for something simpler than dealing with personal wallets and a bunch of different exchanges/websites.

    1. Albeit it actually is pretty simple, there are some real (cyber security) risks with this. Perhaps Kraken or Coinbase is easier for some (albeit hacking risks still remain, of course). We also like the philosophy of the product, it’s a gamble to see if this company can pull it off and make this something for the long run. But if they can, the product has got a lot of potential, that is why we got in early while taking the associated risks. Only time will tell, eh?
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Why only one? Like the idea of the MultiCoin as it will help many who haven’t got the knowledge about the underlying products to choose. I do believe many coins will become a sort of standard in the industry they operate, instead of it becoming a new currency on it’s own. For every situation or contract there will be a different coin to use best. This kind of index makes use of that method perfectly!

    I’ve become quite stubborn at not buying since everybody is doing it. I’ve have done some decent research (or I think so myself) and find it harder and harder not to get a piece of the pie as well.

    Haven’t heard anything on the CombiCoin yet (except from you). And as long it’s with small amounts that you are willing to lose, the risks aren’t even that high… πŸ˜‰ Would be a bit nervous about not being able to sell though. Any idea on how Triaconta will develop this further?

    1. According to their site, they are planning to get this coin tradable in early 2018 (think they noted January, but I will go with anything in Q1 for now). But even if it becomes tradable, we still might not sell, like I noted we are in this for the long run ideally. As you noted, some of these coins will have some real use, in a niche market or otherwise, that will enhance the overall value of the Combicoin, and because they will be rebalancing this token over time, it should stay relevent as well.

  5. I like the idea behind this as I think the crypto market will keep growing and the pie will get bigger. What better way to play the whole market than buying a token which provides exposure to all. I will have to take a look and do some DD. If I sign up, I’ll be sure to use your referral code.


  6. Wow, you’re out on the fringe of this stuff huh? So sounds like this combi thing is kinda like an index of crypto’s? Sort of like the Dow Jones except it moves different one in and out.

    If you’re comfortable with possibly losing the money then why not have fun right. Or you might hit it big and win the entire internet!!

    1. This is indeed a bit of a double (triple/quadruple/etc.?) or northing “investment|. It’s also the only one we have at this time with this level of risk, it’s play money indeed! Not being able to sell at this point make it all that much more fun πŸ™‚

  7. cryptocurrencies are a paradox on its own. Every economist can tell you that you need inflation in order to get the money rolling. At deflation, people stack their money and the economy dries out.
    So if you have a cryptocurrency that inflates, noone wants it because you’ll lose money, but if you have a cryptocurrency that deflates, noone wants to use their coins for trading.

  8. I’m still in doubt about the sustainability of cryptocurrencies. Not only the pointing at the ecological side of it – using the calculation energy. But mainly the underlying structure with growing ledgers and inherit (s)lack of speed to process. Which is a problem would a cr.c. become common in daily life. (The tech behind it is great. But I’m not convinced this is the most feasible usage).
    Another ‘problem’ for me is the lack of knowledge and amount of air in these ‘products’ and marketing statements. I.e. this combicoin sound okΓ© because: ‘it is 100% asset backed (!!!!)’. Great! 100%! However, this is 100% other air! Perhaps a bit less fluctuating air, because it’s a sort of tracker. But looking at the graph, it still very volatile. A volatility that can only be explained by mix of air, FOMO, and a bit ‘shady’ developments (i.e. North and South Korea).
    Anyway, it’s not a definite no for me – but only in the same way you ar treating it: as a learning and fun experience that could cost you $1000,- which is fine. And perhaps even earning some money, even better πŸ˜€
    However, not being able to sell yet (and only implicit mentioning this) makes me not jumping on this train.

    1. Hey Joost, great to see you here too!
      Valid points, all of them, it really is a risky investment into a system (trust) rather than real assets.
      That being said, not being able to sell is not a bad thing right now, as we want to make it a buy and hold and cannot be tempted to get out early at the moment. It’s almost like a pension fund πŸ˜‰

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