Hi, I’m Cheesy Finance and I’m NOT an alcoholic

Hi, I’m Cheesy Finance and I’m NOT an alcoholic. If you look at “our” twitter feed (ok, it’s just mine) you’d think differently. But really, I’m not an alcoholic, I just like beer 🙂 Or am I now in denial, really can’t tell.

Hi, I'm Cheesy Finance and I'm NOT an alcoholic
Hi, I’m Cheesy Finance and I’m NOT an alcoholic

Hi, I’m Cheesy Finance and I’m NOT an alcoholic

Yes, I really do like beer. But in 2017 I made the decision to only damage my body with alcohol if it is actually worth it. In short, no more cheap beer or “regular” stuff. Taste matters, quality matters, really good beer matters.

To prove my point, see below for several exhibits on me not being an alcoholic, but a genuine beer lover.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C (Ok, this might be the right one……what was I saying about being a non-alcoholic again… Oh right 0% beer, see alcohol is bad for the memory 😉 )

Exhibit D

Money and Beer

Beer is cheap, good beer not so much. Some people are not going to agree on this, but you could also considering drinking less beer, good beer that is. Most good beer has a lot of alcohol in it anyways, it’s much heavier and really deserves to be enjoyed slowly. That’s what I’m doing, I drink good beer, just not a whole lot of it, no really.

Where to get your beer and when? I’ve noticed that around year end many beers go on sale, so stocking up is always a good option. That is obviously what I have been doing over the Christmas break. Should have enough to last me a few months. Most of my beer is coming from the supermarket at this stage, I’ll move into the specialty stores when I’m out of new options. I’ve already been scouting 😉

Twitter and Beer

A special thanks goes out to my fellow non-alcoholics, aka beer lovers and (former) beer brewers!. Folks, please keep the inspiration coming and the beers flowing! One special thanks goes out to  Waffles on Wednesday: the #drunkonfire mastermind! Make sure to visit and please add some good stuff yourself too!

Roadmap2Retire is also good at joining the party!


My fellow countrywoman and former beer brewer is also truly inspirational

And Carl, what’s to say about Mr. 1500 himself?


Gosh, I’m thirsty now! Might need to get myself a beer.



What is your favorite beer and what is your financial strategy for your beer collection?


  1. Just came across this post. Good taste in beer!

    I’m a sipper and would rather enjoy quality over quantity. So I’m with you all the way! One of our favourite ways to enjoy traveling is bringing beer back (road trip or otherwise) to share and enjoy with friends.

    1. Definitely a yes on the bringing beer back from a trip! Always do that, it’s fun and tasty 🙂
      Enjoying in moderation is not a bad thing, eh?

  2. If this is alcoholism, that’s mean Belgium has a half of population alcoholic 😀 😀 😀

    On topic: I am not coming in Leuven but you can cheers a glass with all the nice people that will be there, for my birthday. With beer, I mean 😀

  3. What is it about personal finance bloggers and beer? There’s definitely some kind of obsession about beer!

    Me, I’m not a drinker at all. I gave it up entirely once we had kids.

    1. Not sure, but I am glad I’m not the only one who likes it! I actually don’t drink a lot, maybe 1-2 beers per week on average, but when I do drink I want them to really count. Good for you for giving it up, it’s not good for your body anyways.

  4. As a fellow beer enthusiasticI can relate to this topic. I love a good beer at the end of a week of hard work.
    For a supermarket beer I like the Westmalle triple quite a lot.

  5. If you like the darker, more heavy beers, try the Rochefort 8 or 10! St. Bernardus 12. Gulden Draak (Brewmasters Edition as well as the regular one). And then, when you go to your local beershop, look for other nice ones. Jopen has some wonderful barrel aged beers, but also look at Brouwerij Kees and De Struise Brouwers if you can find them. Põhjala is also wonderful. Oh, and for the big bottles: Gouden Carolus Cuvee v/d Keizer, blue and whisky infused!

    1. Rocheforts: check (both)
      St Bernardus 12: check
      Gouden Draak: check (on the regular – got the try the special edition)
      Gouden Carolus: Check
      Rum/Wishky infused: check

      The other ones are nice tips! Thank you.

  6. Always a fan of a great beer! I’ve been having a nightly beer a lot more frequently. There is something about ending your evening with a great tasting craft beer that is enjoyable. Cleveland (our city) has had new craft breweries popping up left and right. So if you ever find yourself here in the states, definitely consider stopping by 🙂


    1. When we go back to the states for a holiday, it’s going to be onFIRE with all the invests. Thanks Bert! Cheers and have a cold one 🙂

  7. This is hilarious! I love it!!!!

    If there’s one thing that all of us love more than money, it’s beer!!! HAHAHA. We just had a Mission Brewing Double IPA with dinner!

  8. Bwahahaha this post is hilarious! I am a lot like you — if someone sees my Twitter feed, I may seem like an alcoholic, but I am a lightweight drinker — I usually drink just one (two if I am celebrating and/or at a party) and enjoy it slowly. Like you said, good beers are expensive and also higher in alcohol content…can’t really down bunch of them when they are 8-9% alc.

    Now I’m all thirsty….I guess I’ll have to venture outdoors in the -40C weather to get myself a beer.


  9. You’ve some nice beers on your time line. Thumbs up!!
    I do like the grocery store bear aisle nowadays. I could check this aisle every week for new beers. Love it!!

    1. One does try to get the best beers in the time line 😉 yeah, some grocery stores are really well stocked with good beers at reasonable prices. It’s my standard go to place at the moment. But there are a few specialty stores I would like to try.

  10. Hilarious! My strategy was… brewing my own! But since I am footloose I can’t do that anymore. So there is no strategy now. If you save money on many things, you can spend money on craftbeer 🙂

    Cheers! (Drinking an Aupa Tovarisch from Laugar Rebel Beers)

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