Our television decided to partially die, how does a television partially die? No idea, but it sometimes works, and sometimes it doesn’t. We even brought it to a repair guy, but he could not figure out what was wrong with the bloody thing. It refused to die in his repair shop, whereas it had no problems doing it at our house. The fight continues with the partially died television…….


Yes, we still have (a partially operational) television. But we dumped cable back in early 2009. We had cable in the Netherlands, so after arriving in Canada we tried cable for a short while too. However we got so fed up by the amount of commercials we got rid of it as soon as possible. Yes, commercials are annoying in the Netherlands, but Canada and US have brought annoying to a whole new level!


Netflix had just started in Canada in late 2010, so we gave that a try. Almost 7 years later and we still have Netflix. The relatively small monthly fee was worth it in terms of not having annoying commercials and a good selection.

Lately though we have been debating to also drop Netflix, especially now that the TV is also on it’s way out to the dodo’s. But we have not pulled the trigger yet. Miss CF does like to watch the occasional cartoons. Netflix is a far better option than using YouTube. No junk, no commercials but fewer options (so she gets bored an stops watching!!).

Television - Netflix?
Television – Netflix?

How Much?

How much television do we watch? Probably too much, but we primarily watch documentaries and movies. We occasionally watch a few series, but not nearly as much as we used to (no time, something with kids…). We don’t watch news, talk shows or sports (we rather DO sports). However, we are suckers for shows about real estate……(Grand Designs is awesome!).

Because the TV really didn’t want to turn on for more than 5 min, we were prevented from watching television for most of the month of December. In the beginning we didn’t mind too much, and even debated to ditch the television (and associated equipment/media) completely. However, by week 3 we started to miss it. We really enjoy watching movies and documentaries. It’s just great (low cost!) entertainment and gives you time to relax a bit. So be brought the TV in for repairs (which failed miserably as noted earlier).

The Old Television

We bought our current television back in 2007. At that time the whole concept of FIRE didn’t really exist for us. We were generally frugal, but had a lapse in judgement with this one…. I had been working internationally and was earning some very good money. As I have always been into watching movies, I wanted a big screen TV. We ended up buying a 46” LCD television, a Sony Bravia with glass and aluminum rim (very nice model). For that time it was huge and very expensive. We paid about €3.200 for it, ridiculous! As this television is now pretty much written off completely, the yearly depreciation costs are about €320…ouch.

A New Television?

So the hunt is on for a new television. But considering we have not been looking at new televisions for about a decade (ours was working fine till now, so had no desire to look around), it’s interesting. We actually found out we are a bunch of dinosaurs! We still have a VCR recorder (1998), a DVD player (2001) and a PS3 (2012 – Free!), neither of which is used regularly (and a vinyl jukebox and record player – perhaps we are fossils?!). Guess we still have all this because of sentimental reasons. The minimalist in us is still losing this battle.

But this begs the question, what does the new television need to adhere to in terms of specs? Are we going to look for SCART hookups? Or are we going to solely go for HDMI? How big do we want the screen to be? What screen resolution would we like? How much money do we want to spend on a new one? Heck, what do you pay for one these days? We had no idea!

After some digging around we noticed that TV’s are a lot less expensive then they used to be. LCD and Plasma TV’s pretty much disappeared and are replaced with LED TV’s. These are also a lot more energy efficient too. Our energy use would go down by about 60-80% depending on model and size, compared to what we use now. That’s a lot! Then again, the amount of energy it takes to make one is insane too. No TV is definitely better 😉


We still have not bought a new TV, the old one seems to hang in there for now (it miraculously started to work again, has not turned off in two weeks now???). If we buy something new (eventually), it will likely be a smaller model between 32” and 40”.  We will likely stick to HD and not 4k in terms of resolution. Reason is simple, older movies look extremely fake on high resolution TV’s, which takes some of the fun out of it for me. HD TV’s are also cheaper, so two reasons to keep it simple(r).

It will likely still come with a SCART connection (not yet ready to ditch the DVD collection, call us weak if you will) and will not cost more than €300-350. About what we paid per year for our first big flat-screen television!

Oh, we did check out second hand stores and ebay/marktplaats/kijiji/etc., but the prices for a used ones are the same as for a new one. People have not realized their used TV’s are not worth more than about €50-100. So this option is out for financial reasons (environmentally it would be smarter move thou….).


What’s up with your Telly? Still have one?


  1. We have a 46″ Sony LCD from 2009. It’s still going fine. The game plan is use it in a furnished rental apartment in about 12 months, the TV-gods be willing.

    That will trigger an upgrade, and I have no qualms nor shame in saying I’m going for the best resolution and biggest size that makes sense. I expect it will be considerably more than 46″. I enjoy getting really immersed in a good TV show, and for that, the more screen real estate the better. I’ll looking forward to finding out later this year whether it’s possible to achieve all this for the same EURs as I paid in 2009, and with connsiderably less power consumption.

    Oh, and better aesthetics. The big black TVs on the wall are pretty unsightly, especially if you’re trying to achieve a nice interior design effect. In that case, NO TV is definitely a superior option!

    1. Ha, love the honesty! Good luck with the rental, certainly hope that the TV keeps on going
      On that note, we are now unplugging ours every day and it miraculously has not turned off in over 3 weeks. Very strange indeed.

  2. Samsung smart tv here with Netflix. Havent had the cable box on in more then a year. We are currently in negotiations to drop cable all together since the internet package comes with online tv.

  3. I see what you’re saying Team CF. We have a TV (many years old), we have cable and we have Netflix. We watch a fair bit of TV but have really cut down on cable watching, particularly with Baby DDU. We are only just getting into Netflix so there is a lot of things for us to watch for a few years 🙂

    Mr DDU

  4. We have bought about 6 years ago our first flat screen and paid about 850. I absolutely wanted a model with 3D. A feature I used for about 15 minutes all together. And our WiFi and ethernet is broken… Bummer.
    A new one is not on our list.

  5. We have been thinking of cancelling Netflix and go with Amazon Prime but either way I still want to watch a good movie once in a while so we are not cancelling Netflix until we have something new.
    We have a newer TV because we had too but I have no clue what it is, as long as it works, I am good:)

  6. We bought a brand new 52″ led samsung curved tv. Think it “fell off the truck” as we got it for 800 bucks cash.

    Tvs are cheap, as you stated. Would drive me crazy if i wanted to watch a documentary and the tv says sorry not tonight! The energy savings is nice too! Always easier to buy something knowing it will knock down a monthly bill.

    1. That is one steal of a deal! Prices in North America are also even lower than they are here. But that’s really low.
      But the logic that I should get a now TV to lower my utility bills does not work with me thou 😉

  7. Big ass Samsung smart something … used to be 1.000 euro but heavenly discounted as it was the end of the product cycle for the model so we got it for 600 euro. If we get 6 years of use out off it I’ll be happy….

    1. About 100 euro per year depreciation sounds acceptable. Hope it keeps running! The repair guys said that he sees more and more TV’s that don’t last past 2-3 years of use, build quality has apparently reduced significantly over the years.

  8. We’ve actually two televisions. One 50″ plasma 11 year old Pioneer model which was a heritage from my uncle. It is still a very good one.
    The other one is a 32″ Samsung model which i’ve bought back in 2010. Also a good one. Both of them are not very often used.

  9. We have a flat-screen TV but one thing is sure: we won’t buy a new one the day it won’t work anymore. We never had cable and try to reduce TV consumption. I feel it’s kind of “stealing” our time and energy.

    1. I admire your attitude! We were of the believe that we could/want to do that too. Unfortunately, we are weak and still like to watch TV…..
      Let me know how that goes, when your TV dies. Got several friends and colleagues that don’t have one (anymore), they all love it!

  10. Delay it as long as you can cheesy! I’ve really been minimizing my television more and more over the years. I cut my cable years ago like you did, and I’ve never had Netflix. I just use Amazon Prime. I would have Prime anyways since I save so much money buying essentials on Amazon and it’s worth it, but since it comes with tons of video content I just use that. They don’t have as much as Netflix from what I hear, but I’m okay with that. I don’t know what I don’t have access to, and if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind.

    1. I would like to try Amazon Prime, just to watch “the grand tour” with those idiots from Top Gear. Perhaps less content is a good way to reduce screen time. It’s just that watching movies is a thing we truly like doing on occasion. Priorities eh?

  11. Since we have dropped cable a month ago, we were in doubt about getting Netflix.. Still not made a definit decision though

    We now have a 3 year old tv that we have not used since… 😉

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