Financial Satire

I like satire and sarcasm, I also like finance (you had not noticed I assume). But when you combine the two, I have a real blast. I love financial satire!

In the Netherlands there is a website called “De Speld” (translated: “the needle”). It’s the Dutch version of “The Union” (a US satirical news site). Their posts are generally clever, funny (sometime hilarious) and revolve around current news items.

Financial Satire

When I was browsing the web yesterday, I stumbled upon a new article in “De Speld”. It’s an instant winner in my mind, but it’s written in Dutch of course. Below is the freely translated version for your amusement.

Financial Satire
Financial Satire

Staying Rich Quick? Don’t Invest into Bitcoins.

Jasper put all his savings not in Bitcoins, and still has all of his money.

19 January 2018 by

Staying rich quick is no longer a dream. Since the market of cryptocurrencies collapsed more people don’t invest into Bitcoins to stay rich.

We spoke with Jasper van Baasbank. He didn’t invest 5000 euros into Bitcoins and still has that 5000 euros.

When a friend of mine told me about cryptocurrencies, I started to investigate the opportunity. I quickly discovered that not converting my money into Bitcoins would be a great and easy way to keep my hard earned cash. I also didn’t invest into Ethereum and ripple, that’s now also paying off handsomely.

Still, Jasper is not only driven by a desire to keep his money.

I’m staying away from the Bitcoins because I sincerely do not believe it works. I’m sure that dubious golden coins won’t be the currencies of the future. Mark my words: in a couple of years people still don’t pay with golden coins.

Original Post

The original post can be found here (in Dutch only). All credits go to the folks from “De Speld”.


  1. I couldn’t agree more! I have a friend at work who’s living the satire by putting 5K of his hard earned money into this non-sense. I’m like, DUDE! He’s like, get in now! I’m like, You’re an idiot!!!

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