Blog Statistics and Revenue

Another yearly overview? Yup, I’m afraid so. You may run away screaming if you want. However, I like statistics and watching data sets develop. So no wonder I actually like making this post. Here is a quick review of the blog statistics and revenue for 2017.

Blog Statistics and Revenue

As noted in this earlier blog post, we don’t have Google Analytics setup for this blog. I’m very lazy and use what is readily available to me, so I use the AWStats data (measured at the server) to figure what’s happening. It appears to be a slight overestimate of what happened in reality (see also explanation in the previous link).

Since we changed the site in early May of 2017 to have a secure SSL (https://) connection, blog traffic data is split into a secured and a non-secured connection set. Therefore the two graphs below:

  • Graph 1 show traffic via non-secured connections
  • Graph 2 shows traffic via a secured connection
Blog Statistics and Revenue - Non-secured Blog Stats
Blog Statistics and Revenue – Non-secured Blog Stats
Blog Statistics and Revenue - Secured Blog Stats
Blog Statistics and Revenue – Secured Blog Stats

If any of you know how to interpret the combined stats, please let me know! I don’t have enough knowledge to properly state if this data has overlap in terms of visitors/visits. I recon it does, but don’t know to what extent.

For sake of convenience, let’s assume it doesn’t. In that case we would have had a total of 577.525 page views in 2017. I find that a lot! Based on the secured connection data, we now regularly exceed 50.000 page views and have around 6.000-8.000 unique visitors per month. Not bad for this little “labor of love”, don’t you think?

Best Posts of 2017

Based on combined numbers for secured and non-secured sites, the following 10 posts were most popular in terms of page views:

But you guys also really like the following pages:

Blog Revenue (or Lack Thereof)

Now it get’s juicy….. neah, not really. Total revenue from our friends from Google was €64.5. Which does not even cover hosting and domain fees. Which are now about €82 (€6/month hosting en €10 per year domain name registration). Had to up the hosting package in early 2017 due to the volume of traffic. Was hitting the previous hosting package limits and it was affecting the blog load speed.

I had started with the affiliate program, but did not make this into a priority to set this up properly. No money here either.

There is one other item that potentially brought in some money, which was the referral link to the Combicoin. I say “potentially”, as we won’t be able to sell before February 8. A lot can happen between now and then. About 6 people apparently used the link, which provide us with about 1 more Combicoin token (current value at time of writing $42.77 = ~€35). Thank you for using that link, I hope it makes you and us some money!


If you have a blog, how did you do in 2017? Any comments on our stats? Suggestions?

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    1. Not really, growth has stalled somewhat. Have not been commenting a lot on foreign blogs (which generate about half of the traffic volume). Not sure if I really care too much, albeit growth is always nice of course!
      Nice numbers for you too!

  1. To be honest, using AWstats data for site info is like putting up your finger in the air to forcast the weather for the next week. Google analytics standard set-up is (almost) less effort (and I can help you with that if you want – just set it up for our site). Or if you don’t like google use a wordpress plug-in, just as easy.
    That said, the real evidence of visitors is the amound of Reply’s and a little bit the income. So I think you can be proud!

    1. I love pulling things out of thin air 😉 Blog stats or otherwise. Already having AdSense gives me to much exposure to Google, don’t want to get more really. But thank you for the offer! Perhaps I will change my mind in the future.
      I’m more proud actually of how we have changed our mindset and our finances, the blog is just a nice record and tool to get my thoughts in order. All the great feedback is a bonus!

  2. Those are great stats. I’m new as of November so still getting rolling, my numbers are pretty low but slowly growing. I am, however, currently winning in my Rockstar Rumble competition so that good 🙂

    1. You’ll be beating me traffic wise in no-time, you got a far bigger audience and more experience (with that whole FIRE thing). Heck, you already have a side hustle in cool shirts. Did vote on your post in the rumble by the way, it was the better one!

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