Real Estate Report – January 2018

After all the fluffy posts about becoming HOT-er and something with a letter, it is time to talk cold hard cash! It’s time for the Real Estate Report – January 2018 edition.

Real Estate Report – January 2018

Rental Income

Our rental income for January 2018 is the highest it’s ever been at well over €3600. Primarily thanks to the first full month of interest on the  private Real Estate investment loan.

The monthly income distribution is provided below:

Real Estate Report - January 2018 Income
Real Estate Report – January 2018 Income

Rental Expenses

The expense for January were relatively low again. The expenses consisted of the following:

  • Mortgage and loan payments,
  • Management fees;
  • Insurance payments, and,
  • Property maintenance.

The maintenance on the heating systems of two units was done in late December, but the bills came in January. No other maintenance costs were incurred this month. We did notice a slight hike in the insurance fees, which is rather unfortunate but not unexpected with the storm damage in the Netherlands over the last few years.

The expenses for the month are as follows:

Real Estate Report - January 2018 Expenses
Real Estate Report – January 2018 Expenses

Real Estate Report – Overview

We started off the year very well with a net rental and loan income of €2.740. I added a new bar on the overview graph below with the net cash-flow income. In short, this is the money that hits our bank account and we are able to reinvest.

In January this net cash-flow was a solid €1.689. If this seems low, it is because the interest on the private investment loan is not paid out. This interest compounds and will be paid out once the contract term ends in December 2020.

Real Estate Report - January 2018 Overview
Real Estate Report – January 2018 Overview

Real Estate Report – Forecast


We received unfortunate news that one of our favorite tenants was leaving. She got to do an internship for her studies that paid really badly and she could no longer afford the rent. She ended up moving in with her boyfriend. We made a deal with here that if we could find a new tenant by February 1, she was free to move out early.

Fortunately for her, It took less then a week to find a new tenant and we had the transfer completed yesterday. The downside is the cost for getting a new tenant, since we use a property management firm (for tax reasons) these are considerable. The (cash-flow) income for February will not be very pretty.

The sale of one unit to family is ongoing and we are making progress. We are still evaluating mortgage options, after which the property will be assessed. Next we will do up our own contract and go to a notary public to get the ownership transfers sorted. Timing is a bit unclear, but might still happen before we go on our road trip in April. If not, we will compete it after we return. We are not really in a rush as the market is hot and new investments are hard to find. Still considering going for a private real estate loan.


How did you do in your first month of 2018?


  1. Hey cheese first time ive seen this post series.

    Seems like a great cash flow building. Curious is there a page that states more on the original investment. Ie what you paid/ put down etc and expected cash flow as a percentage.

    Anyways cool post. Real estate may be our next move so ill be keeping a eye on this.

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