January 2018 Savings Rate

Wow, that went quick! It’s already time for the January 2018 Savings Rate update. Feels like it only just turned 2018?! Something with getting older I guess? Or was it just me?

January Finances

Many folks, and primarily those in North America, always dread January. As many of the expenses from the holiday season are to be paid to the various credit card companies. Not here though! Credit Card charges were minimal, most expenses were already booked in December and we were still able to keep expenses in reign. In short, it was a pretty good month on the savings rate side of things.

Savings Rate Update
Savings Rate Update

Financial Overview

Here is the usual short financial overview for the month:

  • Mr. CF’s Salary + Mrs. CF’s salary – Business expenses for Mrs CF = good but below average income. Expense claim to be paid in February;
  • The crowdfunding income was back to normal with €191 in deposits (combined interest and principle);
  • Living and healthcare category was about average with a combined €1012. This includes costs for mortgage interest, home insurance, healthcare premiums, utilities and some minor home maintenance/up keep. Nothing special to report; 
  • Grocery costs were low this month with €311 in expenses. Because we did some major shopping’s in December, this month was bound to be low;
  • The transport costs were below average with €265 spent. Expenses include fuel, insurance, road tax and ferry fees. A normal month with nothing special (very little cycling though!);
  • The kid category was normal with €455. This month only included daycare expenses (including after-school care benefits). No other expenses this time around (who said kids were expensive?);
  • Travel and Leisure was €109. Some expenses were already incurred in December, but were bumped into 2018. We went ice skating several times, visited a Monkey Town (no affiliate link, just to show what it is) and went swimming in a subtropical pool; and,
  • The other category was about €127. Money was spend on the gym for Mrs. CF, going out to diner, cash and some quarterly banking expenses.

January 2018 Savings Rate 

The savings rate for January were good once again (sorry if this is getting boring! In case it is, come back in May!). The end result for last month came in at 64.4%. 

Here are the stats:

January 2018 Savings Rate - Overview
January 2018 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

January 2018 Savings Rate - Expenses
January 2018 Savings Rate – Expenses

Forecast Coming Months

We had some more storm damage to our roof…. again. But because we are still awaiting some good weather to fix a few more things, this damage will be repaired at the same time. Fortunately. the roof is water tight even with a few tiles missing. Hoping to (finally) have this all fixed in February or March (weather permitting). But the bill will be much higher than the €1.200 for just the regular works to be done. Storm damage is a “bonus” expense. That being said, because our deductible is about €975. It’s actually cheaper to include this storm damage with the other works than call it in with the insurance company. So that is what we did.

Tax season is coming up in more ways than one. For us this includes property taxes, watermanagement taxes, sewage and water treatment fees and garbage removal. All of which will be coming around in the coming 2-5 months. The first payment is scheduled for March and is around €300 (water management fees = tax for embankment maintenance and such). The rest is still to be received.

We are also anticipating to have to pay taxes this year instead of getting a tax return. No deductibles this time around, so this is going to hurt!

How about you? How was your month in terms of savings and living life?


  1. Well done! Ours wasn’t so good in January (just 10%) because we paid health insurance premiums for the year and booked our flights for summer vacation. I’m still hoping to get to 40% overall this year, so we’ll see. I was hoping to get a good savings rate in February, but you mentioned the sewage taxes and property taxes etc. and I forgot about that! I haven’t seen the bill for it yet, so hopefully we won’t have to pay for it until March.

    1. We delay those tax payments to the last possible date, which means we end up paying in March, April and May. But that being said, we usually don’t make very high savings rates in those months…. Best of luck to you too! Enjoy the holidays.

  2. A solid start of the year. Well needed for the coming months it seems, with the repairs and taxes coming up.oir life happens fund had great fun in January… The more fun it has, the less savings we have: a new mattress, child camps for the coming holidays, pre pay part of the party for our oldest.
    We also booked a week at the coast at Easter. No cheap. My wife and I decided not to have gifts for our 10 year wedding anniversary. In Stead, we go on a family holiday.

  3. Congrats on a very strong month! I like your breakdowns, showing a very good cost management!
    Here, January was a month with some additional expenses, we travelled a lot and furthermore I reduced my work pensum to have more time with my family. So our savings for that month was lower, around 40 %. We target at least 50 % for 2018.
    All the best

    1. Good cost management or micro-management, you pick 😉
      Great idea to spend more time with family and work a little less. Good luck with your SR target for 2018!

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