February 2018 Dividend Update

February was an eventful month, lots of price swings and volatility. We decided to use some of this to rebalance the portfolio a bit more in an attempt to get more dividend growth shares. Here is what we did: the February 2018 Dividend Update.

February 2018 Dividend Update

The following stocks were reduced or disappeared from the portfolio:

  • 171 shares of CIX (Financial company): we had a rather large position in this company to allow monthly DRIP’s. But found the position a bit too large, so we reduced and took some profit.
  • 128 shares of FTT (Finning); this stock went through the roof over the last year. Why sell? Because we had the opportunity to make a good profit (70%!) and reinvest in other shares that were better priced (think utilities and REIT’s). It also increased our portfolio yield while maintaining the money in dividend growth shares. Still think the company is a good buy, and if price come down, we might just do that.

We made the following new purchases:

  • 50 shares of EMA (Utility): increase position upon price drop
  • 50 shares of FTS (Utility): also added to the position during price drop
  • 100 shares of H (Utility): see above 🙂
  • 90 shares of H&R (REIT): the rise in interest rates made the whole REIT sector drop, which was a nice time to add some shares. (Note, this is not a dividend growth stock, but the monthly DRIP’s work very well too!)

Interested in Canadian shares? Try this awesome list to see which companies might be of interest.

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February Dividends

All the dividend deposits received into the bank accounts (and correct for exchange rates) sum up to a total dividend income of about €368.89. This is respectable increase of 7.6% compared to last year. Unfortunately we did see another worsening of the EUR/CAD exchange rate in February. In Canadian dollars the dividend actually grew by 19.7% from a year ago. Now that is dividend GROWTH investing 🙂

The stats for last month:

February 2018 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
February 2018 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015, 2016, 2017 and the YTD for 2018. We received €917 in dividends so far for 2018.

February 2018 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend
February 2018 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio now contains 36 companies with a total of 8.954 shares. The ones with a keen eye among you will see NTR noted twice in this overview, this is due to the merger of POT and AGU (we each had one of these in our RRSP accounts). Since I’m lazy (and have the spreadsheets setup to provided an overview of both our accounts individually), this probably won’t change soon.

We generally try to keep the weight of companies within our portfolio below about 5%.

The portfolio looks like this:

February 2018 Dividend Update - Dividend Overview
February 2018 Dividend Update – Dividend Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

February 2018 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
February 2018 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation

I’m reasonably happy with the distribution, but there is still some work to do. Since markets change, rebalancing will be an ongoing theme.


How did you do in February?


  1. As always, solid results Team CF! 7.6% growth is very nice and its great to see your january and february total is already more then your 2015 total! Talking about some serious growth 🙂

    I see that you also own BEP. Since I’m a pretty fan of green energy this stock seems nice for me since I dont own any utilities yet. What is your current opinion on them? And additionally, I saw that you would need to sign some additional docuemtn for tax? OR is that only for US residents, thatg part ia a bit unclear to me.

    1. Hey Mr Robot,
      yeah, on that note, I saw that I accidentally added one payment from March into the February summary. So the growth is actually about 4% and in EUR we actually had a decline. Ah well, need to correct this with the March update (March is now looking really good in terms on Canadian share growth!).

      On BEP, we bought this also because of it’s renewable character, but their stats are not that great in terms of EPS (they are making a loss at the moment, but their revenue is increasing rapidly). We stand behind their business model and see their potential, but it’s not a company I would pick for DGI. Because we keep these in our Canadian account (our shares are traded on the TSX), we have no tax issues here. But how that works if you hold these in a Dutch account, I’m not sure (dividend tax will apply, obviously), it likely also depends if you take the one of the New York or Toronto stock exchange (the latter might be cheaper due to the CAD/EUR exchange rate!).

      1. Oh well 🙂

        Yeah I saw that the EPS was negative at the momen. Considering the future I might be willing to take that bet. I did that with HASI as well, so far so good a year in 🙂 I most likely would buy it at NYSE sinec it would be my only TSE stock.

  2. Nice job with this month’s dividends. I’m also thinking of picking up some utilities after recent price drops, yield is approaching 5% on a lot of them with long histories of steady raises.

      1. Having cash available is always the trick isn’t it, I don’t sit on cash so I don’t have any “extra” 🙁 Best I can do is hope they stay depressed for a while so I can earn some more money.

  3. Nice job on the dividends cheesy! The growth seems to have slowed a bit from prior years, but your still making progress! Keep on keeping on! 🙂

    1. Well, if you start with reinvesting complete portfolio consisting of ETF into dividends it’s bound to go fast in the beginning. We now also liquidated the Dutch part of the portfolio and reinvested into Real Estate, still surprised we are moving ahead as fast as we do! 🙂

  4. Very nice growth. Glad to be following along and still get a taste of DGI 😉
    I keep seeing those REIT’s as a very interesting investment!

  5. That was a good month! Your portfolio is looking great guys – I like the addition of Canadian stocks 🙂 been thinking about it myself lately too.

    1. Definitely! I’m also more focused on the CAD development, the EUR development is less important as it fluctuates so much with the exchange rates. Albeit I will take any increase obviously!

    1. Just hope I made the right calls here, will see! Most utilities were up, but almost all are now below purchase prices (good for DRIPs!)

    1. We like real estate, so REITS are definitely part of a diversified portfolio for us. Not really dividend growth stocks, but rather good DRIP stocks for sure!

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