February 2018 Cheesy Index

First off, thank you all for the well wishes on my post/tweets of quitting my job. The feedback, congratulations and tips/tricks for starting up a company are really appreciated! With all the excitement I almost forgot to write an update on the Cheesy Index (almost). So, before March is finally over, here is the February 2018 Cheesy Index.

February 2018 Cheesy Index

You might already have forgotten, but February was rather choppy in terms of the stock market. This had its impact on the value of our portfolio and wealth. To make matters worse, the exchange rates of the Canadian $ versus the € went into the wrong direction (again!). It’s not really a surprise that the Cheesy Index also did not really move much, heck it even went down! Albeit not by much, only 0.2%.

Here are the latest stats:

February 2018 Cheesy Index
February 2018 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

What to expect in the (near) future? Well we had our roof fixed (finally!), the final expenses where slightly under the quoted amount at about €1.180. A lot of money, but al least the final product is looking very good (and more importantly, it seems to work)! In the mean time we did see a slight decline in dividend stock portfolio, with another worsening of the exchange rate (how low can we go?).

On the bright side, Mrs CF got he annual bonus in March, real estate is still doing well and other than a broken car break (€180) and a broken dishwasher (still to be replaced), we had no major expense. There might be a slight chance that we are actually getting ahead again for March.

But once we go on our 9 week road trip in May/June and have the rental units insulated/stucco-ed in July, the Cheesy Index will definitely drop. The anticipated expense of the aforementioned are around €20.000. That is a heck of a lot of money! It will be spend wisely (at least we think so). But in the mean time, there will be a limited income (none for me and reduced income for Mrs. CF, as June will be partially unpaid for her too). Curious where we will end this summer in terms of the Cheesy Index.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, as we will have one of the rental units assessed because of the sale to family. We have a sneaky suspicion that it might be worth more than we have accounted for. The other rental property next door would likely also be worth more. To be continued!


How about you? Did you go forwards or backwards?




  1. Hi, I have been following your blog and am glad to see your impressive progress towards FIRE! I have just moved to Netherlands from US recently and am wondering if you could point me to some useful money savings tips/websites which are unique to living in the Netherlands. Many thanks!

    1. Hey Edric,
      Welcome to cheesy country! You’re probably going to have fun here, I’m sure. Getting to FIRE is a bit more difficult than back home in the States, but still very much possible.
      Useful blogs can be found in the blogroll (think Polliedividend, Divnomics, RoadtoaMillion, all Dutch, all written in English).
      If your Dutch is good already (or will be improved), check out http://www.financieelonafhankelijkblog.nl (index funds), http://www.Meesman.nl (index fund provider), http://www.degiro.nl (cheap broker)
      Other important things can be found here: https://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontenten/belastingdienst/individuals/individuals (taxes) and this http://www.expatarrivals.com/the-netherlands/pros-and-cons-of-moving-to-the-netherlands (always a good general intro).
      Hope this helps! If you want to chat/more details, drop me a message at info @ “our blog name”.nl

  2. It can’t all be up months, life would just be to boring …
    On the other hand, I think I added some extra grey hairs the last two month … So there is something to be said about slow and steady ..

  3. I also went backward a little bit,but March should be good at least in terms of savings (not so much in terms of stock market returns).

    Good luck keeping up with the Cheesy index 🙂 (Great idea by the way)

    1. The index idea credits go to Amber Tree Leaves, but we also like the metric. Too bad that the wealth number behind it is a bit of a moving target with changing taxation. But hey, it’s an approximation only. The cash-flow is what counts.

    1. I was fortunate to have gotten out of the crypto market on time, still trying to see when the right time to go back in is.
      There is a general trend in the PF / FIRE community with regards to dropping wealth numbers, goes with the territory! Long term though is a different thing.

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