March 2018 Savings Rate

I always like that a month-end wraps up in a weekend. All the time in the world to go through the various accounts and find out what the numbers are. Here is what our finances looked like: March 2018 Savings Rate and expenses.

March Finances

No cheesy top tip this month, other than keep steady and continue a winning battle with your finances. Albeit we did not win much this month. The car breaks almost seized (almost, figured it out on time fortunately), so a €180 repair bill here (which is dirt cheap!). The dishwasher broke earlier this month. After three weeks without having one, we finally got a new (used) one for only €100 last weekend. Works like a charm, hope it won’t turn out to be a “penny wise,  pound foolish” used buy. Time will tell! Oh, and we got our roof sorted, seems to work well. Happy with it so far!

Financial Overview

Here is the usual (short) financial overview for the month:

  • Mr. CF’s Salary + Mrs. CF’s Salary – High business expenses for Mrs CF = relatively low income. Mrs. CF has been rather busy and will wrap up her expenses this month (finally). Should get about €2.100 deposited in April.
  • The crowdfunding income was normal at just over €191 in deposits (combined interest and principle);
  • Living and healthcare category was very high at a combined €2.332. This includes costs for mortgage interest, insurance premiums, healthcare premiums and utilities. It also includes the €1.178 bill for the roof and the €100 dishwasher buy;
  • Grocery costs were about normal with €325 in expenses;
  • The transport costs were above average €405 spent. Expenses include fuel, insurance, road tax, ferry fees and works on the breaks;
  • The kid category was normal with €455. This month only included daycare expenses (including after-school care benefits). No other expenses this time around;
  • Travel and Leisure was €0/ Not sure what we did, but time flew by and we did not spent one €. We did have a few birthday parties that were “free” (no gifts required) and we did do a lot around the house; and,
  • The other category was about €222. Money was spend on the gym for Mrs. CF. Domain names for the new business for Mr CF. A new anti-virus/firewall/etc. program for the PC. A photobook for 2017 and some minor items.

March 2018 Savings Rate 

After the high comes the fall! Very much applicable for our savings rate this month. We dropped to a yearly low of …….33.6%! Ouch. The lower income (due to business expenses) and the various house maintenance items killed us this month. Better luck in April! The last month with two full incomes. Still, the YTD numbers are very reasonable.

Here are the stats:

March 2018 Savings Rate - Overview
March 2018 Savings Rate – Overview

If you breakdown our expenses for the month, the distribution looks like this:

March 2018 Savings Rate - Expenses
March 2018 Savings Rate – Expenses

Forecast Coming Months

As noted earlier, we will have our last full double income in April. We will also pay property taxes and leave in the second half of this month on holidays, so not sure where this will leave us. In May we will be on the road/holiday, we will have only one income at this point. June will be very interesting as we will virtually have no income at all (outside some Airbnb rental income from our house). We will still be travelling for 3/4 of the month.  In short, the savings rate will likely drop like a brick and become negative in June. Funny note: I don’t care one bit!

We might still get our taxes back before July, this could save us a bit on the savings rate front. Not sure when this money will actually arrive. As noted we have put our house on Airbnb, so might have some income to cover the housing expenses during May and June. So not all hope is lost 😉

July and August we will have high expenses due to some home renovation works and only one income. Plus, we might get a dog again by August or September. In short, the heat is on to make my side hustle actually work and bring some income. On the other hand, we are fine financially and have time to make this new life work. Very much looking forward to our new life 🙂


How about you? How was your month in terms of savings and living life?


  1. March was a pretty good month for me due to the double salary (last one from old job plus first one from new job). By the way, don’t be ashamed of that 30+% savings rate. You are still 4 times ahead of the pack, so if that’s your worst case you’re doing fine.

    1. No worries, I know we cannot complain. Everything is relative, especially our savings rate 🙂
      Nice one for you though! Double salary is always nice! Happened to us last month (two salaries + bonus), know how good that feels.

  2. The amount of changes are indeed staggering but I know you guys got this. Btw I hope you are having an anti-virus program instead of an any virus program 😉

  3. You did it way better than us last month. We made a negative savings rate possible for us. Well if you don’t count the mortgage repayment.
    So you guy’s didn’t do a very bad month at all.

    1. Thank you mate! I would not count a mortgage payment, that is a shift in wealth from one location to the other. Should not be counted in your savings rate as it’s not an expense. Any other big ticketed items this month that hurt the savings?

  4. I too love it when a month ends in a weekend! And in another coincidence: our dishwasher also broke. But it might still be in warranty so with some luck no expenses there.
    Still a pretty nice savings rate, all things considered.

    1. Agree, we cannot really complain too much.
      Your dishwasher broke too eh? That’s unfortunate! You bought it new, right? Or was hit used with warranty?

  5. Glad at team CF you arerelaxed about things going forward. A few unexpected items, planning for a business, doggy dog and transitioning to one income! TONS of changes but I think you guys will kill it! My savings rate tanked in March too…18%!

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