We did a Podcast! Not sure how many of you have done one, but it’s an interesting experience. Why? Because it’s like a genuine chat, but with “strings attached”. Kind of found out this out only about halfway the recording! Let me explain.

Our First Podcast

Guess you know you have “made it” in the FIRE scene when you get asked to do a podcast right? 😉 Neah, just kidding! But we did have to think about it for a while before we said yes. Albeit we have already lost our “anonymity” in the (local) FIRE community (thanks to various meetups), we didn’t want the same to happen to an even larger public. So we agreed to maintain our “online” identity during the interview.

And as to the “we” on this decision, it really means WE 🙂 Where the blog is primarily run by me (Mr. CF), I was able to get Mrs. CF crazy enough to accept this podcast invite. She generally does not prefer to be in the spotlight (not even on this blog), but does like to spread the message of common-sense financial approaches and help others with their finances. She even volunteered in a woman’s shelter to help out with financial literacy. Show’s what kind of person she is (awesome, if I may says so myself. But I’m slightly biased 😉 ).


The Recording

Our host was pretty relaxed and even came to our house to do the recording. She actually was really good at interviewing! Smart questions, moving the whole interview along without pressuring and keeping the tempo up. Overall I enjoyed the experience, but I like talking about money and investing (go figure?!), so this was not a real surprise.

What I did  find frustrating about the podcast is that what comes out of your mouth is what is being broadcasted. When blogging you have time to think about what you write and how much. It’s hard to add a note once the topic has ended.  I only “really” figured this out halfway the recording. Where in the beginning I talk like I usually do (too much, too fast and all over the place topic wise), by the end I was trying to give more short and to the point answers.

The “annoying” thing about a podcast is that you can only scratch the surface, there is so much more to discuss and review! There are also so many boundary conditions and limitations to each subject discussed, you cannot point them all out in a podcast. For example, just giving only 3 blog (or book) recommendations (at the end of the Podcast) was way too little! For blogs we like and would recommend do check our blogroll!

Still, it was fun to do and I (we?) would do it again! No, this is not a hint, just saying.

The Final Result

Ok, I’m now probably going to disappoint about 75% of you. Because, and you probably guessed it already, the podcast is…… in Dutch. Sorry! So unless you already know Dutch, or want to get started, the podcast is likely rather useless.

Anyhow, you can find the final result here (look for Nr 11):

The interview and associated editing (down from about 50 min to “just” 37min!) was done by Meike van Zandvoort. She is an entrepreneur who gave up her 9-5 and started as a freelancer/one-woman company. She’s a pretty cool lady (and I’m not saying this only because she brought beer to the podcast!). Check her out at https://www.rijkerleven.nl/

For those Dutch among you that have taken the time to listing to us babble, what’d you think?


  1. Cool! I saw it somewhere on Twitter, but haven’t had the chance to listen in yet. I’ll take some time for that this weekend! And I guess I would have the same problem: being all over the place and only after that summarizing the main points 😉 But hey, that’s probably also all about practicing.

    1. Definitely, will attack the next podcast (if we actually ever get another invite) with a different mindset. Probably good to think about the answer a bit more before I start talking. Mind you, if you are like me, your brain goes really fast and your mouth is trying to keep up. Never a good combo 😉

  2. Really cool to hear your voices! Nice chat too. and cool to learn about a dutch podcast i didn’t know about. Well done!

  3. I enjoyed the podcast. The interviewer did ask the right questions, so you guys were able to tell your story in a very comprehensible manner. We think very much alike, although my early retirement is still a few years off 😉

  4. Cool ! Spreading the word about the need for financial literacy and being an example is always great. Great job. Just one note….Please add us to your blogroll “The Belgians”. We will reward you with a Belgian beer in June 🙂 Thank you.

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