March 2018 Cheesy Index

Some good news again during March. We were able to increase our wealth just a tiny bit. Our real estate helped out a lot, the March savings rate not really, but overall we did well. Here is the March 2018 Cheesy Index update.

March 2018 Cheesy Index

In March the stock market continued to be rather volatile. To make matters worse, the exchange rates of the Canadian Dollar (CAD) versus the Euro (€) continued to go into the wrong direction. This had its impact on the value of our dividend portfolio and wealth.  But we are happy to report that the Cheesy Index still increased a tiny bit to 67.1%. We are now at the highest level of the year and erased most of the drops from the last two months.

Here are the latest stats:

March 2018 Cheesy Index
March 2018 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

As noted in last months’ Cheesy Index forecast, a lot of change is going to happen. My income will disappear, but I should still get some money in May (holiday allowance and 1 week of paid work; I was on a 4 week pay period in case you are wondering). As of June no money will be coming in. Mrs CF will have a partial pay in May (1 week unpaid leave) and virtually nothing in June (3 weeks of unpaid leave).

Fortunately the Dutch tax department was kind enough to give us our final tax assessment for 2015. Despite different earlier assessments, we still seem to get some money back. Almost €1.700 in fact. That’s good news! We should also get some money back for the 2017 tax year. It might actually even be enough to partially mitigate the loss in income from Mrs. CF. If all goes well, the Cheesy Index should even stay relatively stable throughout the coming 2-3 months, despite the travels. But it’s still is subject to market movements/exchange rates obviously!

In August we will likely see a drop, as the renovations on our real estate will be executed in July. Since these are expensive, a drop is inevitable. More to updates to follow after our 9 week road trip!


How about you? Did you go forwards or backwards in March?




  1. That’s a nice amount of money to get back from the tax department! Are you reinvesting the funds or is it going towards something else?

    1. The tax return will be used for the holiday 😉
      Depending on how much we spend, any leftovers will certainly be invested. Most likely in Real Estate, but perhaps also some dividend stock (or my own new company……too many choices).
      Thanks for the comment! Mr income Master

  2. I need to get hot and setup my own Cheesy Index! Things are going alright. Despite the market fluctuations, the real estate half of the net worth equation remains stable. Rents are through the roof, which is good. Hope it lasts!

    1. It’s a bit hard to tell, as we don’t know exactly what will happen during the holiday and when certain payments will arrive. But we are hopeful!
      Thanks mate.

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