Utrecht FIRE Meetup Recap

Last weekend, on Saturday, we had another BENL FIRE meetup. The 6th already that we organized. We have already been to Antwerp, Eindhoven, Leuven, Breda and Utrecht. It was another fun day with lots of chats, discussions, presentations, food, drinks and financial fun. Without further ado, here is the Utrecht FIRE meetup recap!

Utrecht FIRE Meetup Recap

It was our second time we visited the venue in Utrecht. It’s a very nice place with good access by public transport and car, but gosh it’s hot on summer! The place is obviously very affordable (otherwise we would not have been there), but it does not have air-conditioning. With 28 degrees Celsius outside, it’s really hot inside. Needless to say a lot of folks enjoyed the outside and chatted in the sun. We will likely return to this venue again, but during a different season 😉 Other lessons-learned: when it’s hot, buy more beer!

Utrecht FIRE Meetup Recap
Utrecht FIRE Meetup Recap – We are not the only cheese heads!


The real reason we organize these meetups is to have the opportunity to chat with like-minded people. But we do like to have the occasional group discussions and educational moments. This time we had two presentations and one interactive presentation with discussion.

Making money online with blogging

We started the “formal’ part of the day with a presentation about making money online with blogging/writing. This presentation was done by Adine from lekkerlevenmetminder (a Dutch personal finance blog). Adine is a great writer with a passion for personal finance. But this passion has turned into a nice gig where she is actually making some decent money blogging (in addition to her writing job). Her presentation can be downloaded here: Making Money Online.


The second presentation was done by Daphne. She has many years of experience with crowd-funding, both professionally as well as personally. Daphne has invested in more than 550 projects to date, and has a surprisingly low default rate! She shared some of her lessons learned and insights with the group. Unfortunately, this presentation cannot be shared due to the details of the content.


“HOT” Chris finished up the “formal” part of the day with a presentation and discussion about negotiations. Bottom line is, always try to negotiate and try to find out what the percentages are that you could potentially get (think kitchens, cars, furniture, etc.). Also check on times when certain items might go in sale (think year-end inventory sales, etc.).

Thank you all for presenting!


Oh, for those interested in FIRE and want to spend even more time on social media/their phone, Spekvet and Divnomics have setup a Slack group. Just in case you are interested!

Next Meetup?

There will definitely be another meetup in the future, we have no fixed plans for now but are in for suggestions or offers to help. It takes a lot of time and energy to organize the meetups, which takes away some of our time to enjoy the meetups too.

One of our ideas is to have another meetup at a bar or pub, no entrance fees or presentation, you just show up and we have a beer/wine/whatever. Similar to what we did before in Gouda.

We also noticed that more and more new people come to the meetups that are especially interested in the presentations. A lot of folks are just starting out on the FIRE journey and are exploring their options for investing. I’m now looking at ways to see how we can cater to those of you. Perhaps I have to ask this guy to help out? There might even be a camp FIRE in Oosterwolde! Anyhow, lots to consider!

Any feedback from your end of what you would like to see or do for the next meetup is greatly appreciated.

Hope to see you next time!




  1. Hello mr & mrs CF,
    Thank you for your inspirational blog!
    I would love to attend one of the next meetings; do I just need to keep an eye on your blog?

    1. Hi Chiara, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on this blog 😉 But the next one is scheduled for September 30th in Zwolle. Check out Chris’s blog for the next event. We are also planning another meetup dedicated to real estate, more to follow soon!

  2. Sorry I missed you, mate! I did enjoy my two hours in A-dam last week though. Pretty town – and I finally got to see a Febo in person. I think they were closed though, which was kinda sad. I really needed a bad burger.
    Next time I’m in Europe I’ll try to give some advanced warning. Peace!

  3. How do you get these organised and find people? I’d love to find some like-minded people in Montreal.

    1. We started with putting up posts to see if people wanted to meet in person. That worked and we ended up meeting in Breda at a bar with about 14 “strangers” two years ago. Me and Amber Tree Leave have been scouting for cheap venues since, word got around and more and more people contacted us through the blog. It’s been steadily growing.

      It’s fun and I would definitley recommend trying it out in Montreal!

  4. It was great to be there, I have met a lot of interesting and inspiring people. I will certainly be present next time.
    Thanks for organization to team CF!

    1. Good for you for setting health over finances as a priority! Smart man, now go eats lots and lots of plants, fastest way to lower weigth while not being hungry 🙂

  5. Project Lonica nails it:
    “a big THANK YOU for all your efforts and work. Also to mrs Cheesy! I know it consumes quite a lot of time and energy to organize something like this. It is very much appreciated!”
    I loved it too. And perhaps … (but don’t hold your breath 😉 )

  6. Thanks for the organization. Again, I was amazed at how quickly the time passed.

    Loved the negogiation discussion and all the new info I got out of the presentations. It only was a bit low on beer 😉 Maybe we can fix that in one of the “light” meetups in between.

  7. Thanks for all! Specially for the lady speakers, I learn a lot from!
    Dutch people are famous as good managers and this meeting was great organised. Just joking to employ as a manager in our projects
    See you next time!

  8. Yes, a big THANK YOU for all your efforts and work. Also to mrs Cheesy! I know it consumes quite a lot of time and energy to organize something like this. It is very much appreciated!

    I’ll keep my wishes and opinions about next meet-ups to myself as it would be a big coincidence if I could attend again…

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