3 Months of Doing Nothing

3 months of doing nothing…..sort of. It’s been almost exactly 3 months since I gave up my well paying job and decided to travel and think what I want to do with my life. I’m now only more confused!

3 Months of Doing Nothing

Since I quit my job in April, I first prepared the house to be able to be rented on Airbnb. Next we disappeared for a 9 week road trip (first two posts are here and here). After we came back renovations works stated on some of our real estate, so that took up some time & energy. But this is progressing well and almost finished, should have this all wrapped up in a couple of weeks.

In short, albeit having no work anymore for the past 13 weeks, I have been far from bored and this does not seem to change in the near future. That being said, emotionally it’s been interesting. Still not sure what I want to do! I’m confused?!

3 Months of doing nothing
3 Months of doing nothing
By Johnycanal – Wikitravel: http://wikitravel.org/en/Image:Phuka_beach.jpg, CC BY-SA 1.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1060769

The good

Quitting your job (when you have a good financial backup) that you don’t like gives an amazing feeling! Some of the (obvious) observations since I quit:

  • I sleep better / am far less tired
  • No more sitting in traffic jams / getting up insanely early to avoid said traffic jams (yeah!)
  • No more stress/frustrations
  • More time to work out
  • The house is a lot cleaner / dishes don’t pile up anymore
  • We don’t have to rush in the weekend to get stuff done (we both were working fulltime)
  • I’m happy and extremely relaxed, have not felt this good in years!

In short, this was a brilliant move! Should have done it sooner. Being happy and relaxed is very important in life, but you often realize this quite late in the journey.

The bad

Are there any “bad” things, yes, but not what you might expect. It’s also not really “bad”, more “unexpected”.

We are not financially independent just yet. However, there is a large pile of cash available and we have a pretty decent cash-flow income every month. Plus Mrs CF is still working and enjoying it. So financially we are in a good shape, but not done yet…… and this is bothering me. This because I’m farting around, while Mrs CF is still busting her @$$ to get us to FIRE. Albeit I know she is fine with it, it’s still bugging me.

I’m also confused as to what I want to do, I thought I knew when I was still working, but now I’m not so sure. Let me explain with the following two examples.

The side hustle

When I quit my job I was already planning a small side hustle to add some extra income (both passive and active). Because I didn’t like me job I was really motivated to get started, spent quite a bit of time researching and setting up a website/content.

But during the road trip the motivation to get started all but disappeared. Still cannot really figure out why, I still like the idea and the interaction with other people about it. But getting my butt moving forward with it is very hard right now. I rather go outside and play in the garden, cycle/swim, or cook. All great activities, but they cost money rather than add some funds to get to FI.

The blog

Same as with the side hustle idea. I really was looking forward to writing lots of content on this blog. But somehow that motivation has (almost) completely disappeared. I still have tons of ideas, but for some reason I cannot focus and write it all down.

The great summer weather outside and various other fun things that I can do stop me from blogging. Where blogging was a great way to avoid doing “work” at work, now it takes time away from sunshine and relaxation. Heck, it almost feels like “work”. Perhaps this changes in the fall/winter when it gets cold and nasty outside.

I’ve therefore decided to limit blogging to once a week for now (if that). Being outside, not behind a computer, is a much better way tp spend my time (sorry for being very egoistic here)

The Plan

So the plan for now is to just relax, enjoy the summer season and fart around. I’m just going to do things when I feel like it, not because they “have to be done”. Perhaps the motivation returns, perhaps not. Perhaps I might look for another job again to speed up the journey to FIRE, perhaps I’ll stay a stay-at-home dad. Heck, I don’t know it anymore, I’m confused! But at least I’m happy & confused 🙂


Thoughts? Ideas? How do you deal with lack of motivation? How do you take a hurdle? 



  1. It’s so great you’ve felt so good since quitting work – goes to show you made the right call! Given you’ve been busy with travel & renovations, I’m sure you’ll find your groove again soon with side hustles – all anything needs is time 🙂

    1. Been struggling a bit lately, no real goals make it hard to motivate oneself. Just not sure what goals I want to set, don’t want to have my side hustle become a job either! Just enjoying the moment for now 😉

  2. I you don’t have to work, relax & enjoy it. If you do need a little cash coming in, I have no advice for you! The longer I don’t work (2.5 yrs now), the less interest I have in it!

  3. Hey, gelt so eye opening Reading your Post as im in pretty mich the same Situation With Simular emotions. Quit the well paying Job in April , girlfriend working, not FI but a good cushion.. if you wanna Share some Book recommendation/experience Send Me an E-Mail. Looking forward, Regards Geldschnurrbart

    1. Hey Geldschurrbart, cool to read that I’m not the only one in this situation! Good for you quitting the job and enjoying the new freedom. Well done mate 🙂
      I’m a notoriously bad book reader, so cannot help you there. But I will drop you an email on of these days!

  4. you traveled 9 weeks, you visited several countries, organised a meet up and you say 3 months of do nothing.
    It’s me blonde to search a logic in the title? 😀

    Take time and enjoy summer and your family. And the side hustle will arrive, just wait 🙂

  5. Hey Cheesy Finance
    Your posts really are a big inspiration for me, quitting your job was a huge step and there‘s no doubt that amazing opportunities will arise. You‘ll see!
    Looking forward to your next post and all the best.

    1. Thanks FS for the kind words! Appreciate the support. Funny thing is, I don’t mind going back to a job that allows travelling and which I enjoy. The last one just didn’t do that at all. It was a drag. That being said, Mrs CF would first have to quit hers before I would consider it again, right now extended travelling would not work well (small kid and all). Time will tell how this is going to work out!

  6. I didn’t take a day off from leaving my old 9 to 5 to starting up my first consulting side gigs. And over the next year I set up a couple more and have picked up some new ones as recently as this week. I do not need the income I’m getting from the part time gigs but it keeps our withdrawal rate at zero which does feel nice. The main thing is that it gives me a little structure and balance to my leisure pursuits and volunteer work. I’m happier when I have volunteer work, paid work and leisure time all in balance for some reason, and that might just be me but you might find that combination pleasing as well.

    1. They Steveark, you know, if we did not have that 9 week road trip, I might have done the same. But because of the 9 week “mandatory” break, the desire to keep running and working simply disappeared. Did not expect that! The other thing I enjoy is not having a structure in my life, the road trip was therefore absolutely awesome, as we never had a day that was the same. We will see what the future brings.

      Best of luck with your gigs, seems like you are killing it!

  7. ” I rather go outside and play in the garden, cycle/swim, or cook.” – Welcome to the F-ing club man! The FIRE club that is 🙂

    Sounds like you’ll do perfectly well once you get the FI piece figured out. There’s nothing wrong with retiring to a life of leisure that consists of gardening, cycling, swimming, and cooking. I’ve been doing mainly the last 2 of those here in the Bahamas for the past month. And kind of wanting to get back to Raleigh so I can reunite with my bicycle (but the heat will probably keep me indoors for another month!).

    Best of luck figuring out the next steps to life!

  8. When I lost my job some time ago, It was great to have some time for myself and do the things at my own pace. It took me 7-8 months before the feeling started that I wanted to do more again. Take you’re time, enjoy summer, projects, family etc. It’s a big change compared to you’re ‘former life’ and the weeks traveling are not counting in this process (my 2 ct).
    Maybe it’s good to write a diary about how you see things to see if there is a pattern.
    Step by step, Cheesy, step by step.

    1. Hey HJ, thanks for your 2ct! Wow, that took a while eh before you started to get the feeling you needed to do something again! That periodic review of thougths might not be a bad idea, cheers!

  9. It all sounds very familiar. We Dutchies have the ‘calvinist’ gene of always feeling guilty when we don’t do something ‘useful’ with our time. Second, when structures and deadlines disappear, it is a lot harder to keep yourself going. You often don’t know where to start and you can also start tomorrow, because nobody is waiting at your desk.

    Enjoy, don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

    1. “You often don’t know where to start” now that is the perfect way to describe some of the feelings I have. Tally on the to-list…… 56 items! And many are not small things either. Procrastination commences 🙂

  10. Your morning commute pictures didnt seem so frustrating when you were tweeting 😉 Good to hear that your stress level has gone down and you are enjoying the summer. I think you are doing it right…take a few months off and take life a little slower and start dipping your toes back in with some active/passive income.

    Good luck with your new endeavors…meanwhile, be sure to soak up the sun.


    1. The cycle commute was the best part of the day! Still cycle, just without a destination 😉
      Will go outside now and enjoy the sun indeed. Cheers mate!

  11. Sounds like a very busy 3 months even without a job. Well done to you. It is nice to know that your wise investments can help a little bit with the loss of a job. Well done.

  12. This is really helpful stuff for me personally, since I’ll be in the same situation next year at this time, if all goes according to plan. Since my wife is almost 10 years younger, we plan for her to keep working another 10 years at least. She loves her practice and is her own boss, so that helps a lot.
    Check out Accidental Fire’s latest post – you cracked the nut on sleep my friend. I can’t wait to get in more regular naps after the cubicle days are over.

    1. Hey Big C,
      I just found in interesting that I thought I had it all figured out, go on a trip, and I’m completely lost again?! WTF, how did that happen? Going to check out AC’s handy work here shortly. The sleep is fantastic, been sleeping through the night again regularly, had not done that in ages! Feel very good, highly recommend giving it a try 😉

  13. Enjoy the process of “finding yourself”! You are in a good position because you can take time to figure it out. It is also great that you feel it was the right decision to leave your job. That is a big part that you already got right

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