June 2018 Dividend Update

What I like about dividend investing is that once you have selected a few good companies, the rest is relatively easy. Yes, you need to keep an eye on your investments, and check how the companies are doing. But the money generally just keeps flowing in, how great is that! Here is the June 2018 Dividend Update (with catch-up from April and May)

June 2018 Dividend Update

The following stock(s) were reduced or disappeared from the portfolio:

  • 974 shares of AAR.UN (REIT): company was bought by an investment group and was delisted. Made a killing though! Nearly 80% profit 🙂
  • 150 shares of PJC.A (Consumables): company merged with the Metro group and was delisted. Albeit we were supposed to get MRU shares, we missed the exchange deadline (due to travels) and got the cash. Also a 30% profit.

We made no new purchases (since we were travelling and did not look at the account for almost 2,5 months!).

Keen on some Canadian shares? Try this awesome list to see which companies might be of interest. Oh, don’t forget to check out the community updates at the Dividend Diplomats and Easy Dividend!

April – June Dividends

All the dividend deposits received into the bank accounts (and correct for exchange rates) sum up to a total dividend income of €567,4 for April, €567,13 for May and €638,93 for June. Not bad!

Compared to last year (when we still had some Dutch share too) we changed by -23.6%, 34.9% and -34.3% for April to June respectively. Now that is what I call a rollercoaster!

However, when looking at the Canadian part of the portfolio (in CAD), we see the following changes: 18.2%, 34.6% and 13.9% increases. Now that is what I like to see, growing dividends! This is organic growth too, as we did not add to the accounts since 2016.

The stats for last month:

June 2018 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
June 2018 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015, 2016, 2017 and the YTD for 2018. Despite selling many shares in 2017, we might actually beat 2016’s total this year! That’s good.

June 2018 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend
June 2018 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio now “only” contains 36 companies with a total of 8.124 shares. As noted in previous post(s) NTR is noted twice in this overview. This is due to the merger of POT and AGU (we each had one of these in our RRSP accounts). Since I’m lazy (and have the spreadsheets setup to provided an overview of both our accounts individually), this probably won’t change soon.

We generally try to keep the weight of individual companies within our portfolio below about 5%.

The portfolio looks like this:

June 2018 Dividend Update - Dividend Overview
June 2018 Dividend Update – Dividend Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

June 2018 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
June 2018 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation


How did you do in June on the dividend side of things?


  1. Nice job this month CF, great amounts of cash for you!

    With tech stocks being such strong performers recently, do you think your portfolio could do with some more with it being only 1%?

    Mr DDU

    1. Perhaps, but the pool of tech stocks in the Canadian portfolio is limited. Few comply to the various rules we have to dividend stock selection.

  2. Great job CF I missed reading your updates while you were travelling. Great income numbers for April to June. Any thoughts as to what stocks you will buy with the funds you received from the two stocks that were sold?

    1. Hey Matthew, no not sure what I want to buy. I’m going to have to study a bit to see what the portfolio needs in terms of diversification and which shares are still reasonably priced and have good dividend histories. Homework awaits!

  3. You received pretty consistent dividends during the months of the quarter. Not sure how intentional it was. For me the first month of the quarter is always bad, but it all comes down to the exact companies we own.

    Nice income while travelling! 🙂

    1. Definitely a nice income while travelling 🙂
      There were some dividends that shifted from one month into the other, but it’s indeed surprisingly constant over the past few months. Fine with me thou!

    1. Ha, now that you mention it, it does! But this is pre taxes as it’s in a tax sheltered account. When withdrawing, 25% already disappears unfortunately!

  4. This is just awesome, great to see these income figures and the fact you didn’t add to the account (and even not looked at it for over 2.5 months), thumbs up!!!

    1. Overall we certainly cannot complain, but we did made our fair “share” of wrong picks on some companies. The portfolio is definitely improving!

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