June 2018 Cheesy Index

The June 2018 Cheesy Index update is an interesting one. Firstly as we also included April and May. This was obviously because we were travelling and could no do much over the past months on the financials. I also quite my job, so we have a lot less income. But mostly because of the final results! Let’s have a look shall we?

June 2018 Cheesy Index

The last few months were good on in the passive income side of things. The dividends keep coming in. The savings rate was also surprisingly good for during a 9 week road trip (thank you tax returns).

The real estate did good too, but that update will come in July. Still working on the renovations, and assessments of the property, to find out what all has happened in terms of value. So no impact yet from all this on the Cheesy Index, other then rental income from the past months.

That being said, we are now at a Cheesy Index of 70.2%. Well what do you know?! We went up, despite the travels and loss of income :-). Got to love passive income!

Here are the latest stats:

June 2018 Cheesy Index
June 2018 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

July is going to get even more interesting as we just paid €12.000 to our contractor for insulating and stucco-ing two properties. This will increase it’s value, but by how much? Not sure.

We had a property value assessment done last week. A family member will likely buy the property in the coming months and we needed to agree on a reasonable market price. The value assessment was the most logical and independent solution. Added bonus, it can also be used to apply for a mortgage too.

However, this assessment is not in yet, so we kept the value of the property at what we invested in it. This should be lower than it’s actual market value. Hoping to see a jump in value for July and thus an (slight) increase in the Cheesy Index. Despite the massive bill we just paid…..

For August and onwards there are no upward jumps expected, downward is always a possibility with market movements. Assuming Mr. Market stays happy & stable, we expect a small but steady increase in the cheesy index going forward. But with a reduced (now single) income, it won’t go as fast anymore.


How about you? Did you go forwards or backwards in June with your net worth?




  1. You might just need to travel full time if it has so positive impact on your finances 🙂

    From my side I’m also waiting for a valuation report after our renovation; really excited to see the results!

    1. haha, my thoughts exactly! Don’t think this will happen again thou!

      We just got our assessment in, and it was good! We had our properties on the books for more than 12% below what we paid (overall renovation costs + purchase and fees). Not bad! Hope yours will come in high too!

  2. I also love to see financial progress while being on holiday. It is just something about the fact that you did nothing productive for several weeks and still you are wealthier than before the holiday… Honestely, it’s my favorite part of the holiday 😉

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