July 2018 Cheesy Index

The July 2018 Cheesy Index update is another good one! We got the assessment/valuation of one of our investment properties and it was good. We updated some of the data and the impact on the percentage FIRE is very positive.

July 2018 Cheesy Index

No complaining in the Cheesy household on the money front in July. Even on one income we were able to save some money, albeit nowhere near the amount we used to. The dividends keep on coming in too. The real estate is a bit of a different story, as we had to invest a lot of money due to required renovations. But it was “repaid” as soon as we saw the value assessment for the mortgage our family member needs to buy it from us.

With all the changes and relatively stable market, we are now at a Cheesy Index of 73.8%. Well thank you very much! Go figure, money really makes more money 🙂

Here are the latest stats:

June 2018 Cheesy Index
June 2018 Cheesy Index

Cheesy Index Forecast

For August and onwards there are no more significant upward jumps expected, downward is always a possibility with market movements. But if we assume that Mr. Market stays happy & stable, we expect a small but steady increase in the cheesy index going forward. With a reduced (now single) income, it just won’t go as fast as it did over the past year or so.

That being said, my side hustle is slowly starting up and I already had my first client. The money I make with this first client will not even offset the costs I made to date. But with more work expected in the coming months, I might just start to earn a tiny bit of money. If the coming months are successful and new and existing client(s) keep coming, I might be able to earn a nice(r) vacation in 2019! I know, I’m not aiming high 😉 It definitely won’t be enough to buy a boat!


How about you? Did you go forwards too in July with your net worth?




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