How to become Rich?

How to become rich? Who does not want to become filthy rich? I know I do. Swimming in money like uncle scrooge McDuck. Endless holidays, sports cars and parties. Beer, and lots of it. Bring it on!

However, this post should actually be called “how to become “like” Rich”? This is Rich. Rich is a 25 year old bloke with a regular 9-5. He makes an average income, but still,Β  Rich wants to be rich! What should Rich do?

How to become Rich?
How to become rich? Be like Rich and become rich!

How to become Rich?

There are a few ways for Rich to become rich. Here are some suggestions for people like Rich.

Win the lottery!

This would by far be the easiest way to become rich. Too bad that your chances of actually doing in this way are slim to none. It also appears that this is not the way to do it. Many people that win the lottery become miserable! Heck, some even take their own life. Many also appear to lose all their won riches and end up still working for the rest of their lives. Perhaps not the best way to become rich!

You seem to have to work hard to earn the money and become rich. Only in this way do you appreciate the money and the freedom it provides. So instant happiness by being rich appears only for a few. Happiness by becoming rich in the long run seems to work very well!

Invest in Crypto-currencies!

Oh right, too late for that. Scratch this one…….


How to become Rich? Buy Crypto's........too late?!
How to become Rich? Buy Crypto’s……..too late?!

Become a Blogger/Youtuber/Insta-er

Don’t look at me for this, I suck at it. But perhaps this is the best way to become rich? Sell your soul for money and praise the latest makeup, business model, ebook, or whatever to unsuspecting worker drones. Success guaranteed! Or is it? As with most successful people, there are only few and your chances to get to that level of success is hard! Plus, you need to have some luck here too, exposure and rocketing to fame at the right time?! There is only so much you can do to make that happen.

Start a successful business!

The majority of millionaires get to be millionaires because they are successful entrepreneurs. Not sure if this applies globally, but it’s a fact in the Netherlands (being a successful second/third generation farmer works very well too). Interestingly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, most millionaires are (happily) married! Don’t divorce, it’s really bad for your finances, just saying πŸ˜‰

Now the key here is to be successful with your business. Kind of essential to become rich. Problem is, many startup business are not successful! Heck, the far majority of startup companies don’t even get to become 5 years old. Again, chances are slim(mer)…..

Don’t have that entrepreneurial soul? Then the next option might be the right one for you.

How to become Rich? Just save & invest!
How to become Rich? Just save & invest!

Boring Investing?

Well, that leaves the one way most of us (plan to) actually become rich. We save as much as we can from the money we make. We invest every cent we save into index funds, dividend shares, real estate, bonds and/or whatever other assets you can think of that is not a hoax but stable, sustainable and profitable.

Especially investing in index funds/ETF’s is boring as hell. But it works miracles! Rich likes this. Rich is lazy. Rich found out this “secret” recipe to become rich. Rich discovered the path to Financial Independence & Retire Early (FIRE). Rich knows this is a marathon, not a sprint. Rich is happy! Rich will be HOT!

Be (more) like Rich, become rich and set yourself on FIRE! Make sure you save, invest and (passively) generate lots of money, to have more time to enjoy life!


  1. Today we got some tax money back… Guess what, i put it all in index Funds.
    Save 500euro spending money – now this wilbe for a very nice little holiday trip !
    Keep up the good work nice blog very encouriging ! Ciao
    Mr. G and C

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