September 2018 Cheesy Index & Savings Rate

All that talk about early retirement, FIRE meetups and more non-sense! Forgot to catch up on savings rates and the Cheesy Index.  Hereby the September 2018 Cheesy Index & Savings Rate, including catch-up form the previous month(s).

September 2018 Cheesy Index & Savings Rate

I’m going to introduce a couple of changes going forward. Simple reason is that I lost interest in the details around the savings rate. We are naturally frugal and have optimized about everything we can. I don’t need a budget to figure out what I can and cannot spend money on. I will continue to report the savings rate, just not with all the financial details. Takes up too much time to write and does not have any added value for me (sorry if I now disappoint you, my dear reader).

Cheesy Index

The cheesy index is on FIRE (sorry for the pun)! The sale of our rental property to family, ongoing dividends and rental income/property value changes have continued to increase our overall net worth. Hence an increase in the Cheesy Index.

With all the changes and relatively stable market, we are now at a Cheesy Index of 75.0%. Remember that we are only living on 1 income, yet our net worth is still flying this year. Money makes more money, this shows that it really works! Never imagined at the beginnen of the year that our wealth would go up this quick, hence the “low” target for the year.

Here are the latest stats:

September 2018 Cheesy Index
September 2018 Cheesy Index

Savings Rate

We finally had a month again where Mrs CF didn’t have ridiculous business expenses. We are awaiting an expense claim that should come in half-way October. Total value of that expense claim, about the same as a month’s salary! Since I’ve taken the business expense off the income in recent months (to create a net income), the coming month should be interesting :-). Pretty much a double income, on paper anyways.

How did we do in September, well, pretty good on just that one income. We landed a savings rate of……47.9% Booya! The wonders of keeping your expenses low :-). Last month (August), we “suffered” form the various business expenses and were only able to save 24.7%. Still, can’t really complain, now can we?

September 2018 Savings Rate - Overview
September 2018 Savings Rate – Overview

The distribution of the expenses for the month:

September 2018 Savings Rate - Expenses
September 2018 Savings Rate – Expenses


Did you have a good month too in September?




  1. Nearly 50% saving rate on one income is awesome! For a few months this is happening to us as well, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be nowhere near… 🙁

    1. In cash-flow terms, without any crazy stuff like flooded rental units, we are more like 85% complete. So we are getting on very well indeed.
      What we will do when at 100%? No idea, Mrs CF might continue to work, as long as she likes it. I’m kind of already doing as if we are at 100%, since I already quite my job and have a few hobbies that I’m pursuing. Still to further develop our ideas about what we want, to be honest. The biggest win so far is already less stress. Would like to travel a bit more, but our mini-me is going to limit those options for the coming decade unfortunately.

  2. Just like you we don’t keep track of our budget in detail anymore, because the frugality is ingrained in our lifestyle by now. We have a 35% approx. savings rate each and every month and our net worth is rising slow and steady.

    1. Glad to read I’m not the only one! Good savings rate, just keep it steady and keep going strong. Your networth growth is just a matter of time 🙂

  3. Despite our expenses for our little summer holiday, we’ve had very good month with a quite good savingsrate. There was some unexpected help to that which you can read in my blogpost later today on my blog.

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