10 Secrets to becoming wealthy!

Are you ready for the 10 Secrets to becoming wealthy! Now pay very close attention and note everything down very carefully. Otherwise you might not get there!

10 Secrets to becoming wealthy!

Ok, just to be clear, if you got here because of this stupid click-bait title, you are an idiot!

10 Secrets to becoming wealthy!
10 Secrets to becoming wealthy!

Will you now please stop clicking these dumb posts that really have nothing new to mention, or actually anything to mention at all.


The only way to get wealthy is to spend less than you earn and invest the rest. Keep doing this for many years. DONE! Just don’t tell anyone this, it’s a secret.

10 Secrets to becoming wealthy!

Have a great weekend (and go get some F-You money)!




  1. Caught red handed here! I clicked it…. Great catch and great reminder on how easy it is to attain wealth. We feel the need to complicate things for no reason sometimes.

      1. That’s certainly true. But because taxes are quite high here in NL, I firmly believe spending less is more important than earning more.

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