I need help!

If you think I’m crazy as a doorknob with all my talk about buying castles, yachts and islands, you are probably correct. But I do not need help with being a bit off, sorry about that. But I do need help!

I need help!

I developed Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in my right arm back on late 2016 as the result of too much time behind a screen. The combo of intensive work behind a screen for work + a blog + twitter account was not a bright idea. My work station was improved, different mouse, per body position, etc. But the problem never really went away, not even after a 9 week hiatus due to a European road trip.

Lately, I seem to have spent too much time behind a computer again (my own fault, I know!). And despite my best effort to limit the impact, the RSI is back with avenges. In short, I need to blog less, spend less time on Slack and Twitter. I need to workout more and go out-side more. Not necessarily something I mind, but I do really like farting around with the FIRE community and spreadsheets. It’s not going to be fun for me, but perhaps nice and quiet for you ;-).

I need help!
I need help!

Here is where I need your help!

So here is where I need YOUR help. I need guest posts. Interesting and good ones like the one on the pension shuffle. I don’t need shitty posts about 10 secret ways to become wealthy, or how to save €100.000 in 3 years. Unless you like ranting as much as I do.

No, I don’t take sponsored posts, no I don’t do posts that only promote your blog (unless there is a seriously good story behind it that our readers would appreciate). No politics, no religion. Albeit an addition to the Church of FIRE is welcome obviously.

What I like to see is alternative investment options, smart ways to invest your money. Including risk assessments and an honest perspective of the ups and downs of that investment method. I don’t have a preference for real estate, index funds, dividend growth shares or otherwise. As long as it is interesting, with in-depth assessments that could spark conversation and give our readers something new to think about.

Hope you can help! Leave a comment or email info “@” cheesyfinance.nl.

For now, I’m going offline and clean the yard, or something.





  1. I would love to do a guest post with you guys, but prefer a both ways collaboration where we write posts for each other. Is that possible, or are you really just wanting to be hands off for now? If so, I would love to write you guys a post.

    Watch my blog tomorrow, perhaps it inspires a post I can write for you :).

  2. Chalk me up for one just not anytime soon. I have accumulated some blogging debt which I have to pay back before I come up with something interesting for you. Maybe a “Should you buy an island – part 2” post? We will decide, but hope you are getting better soon. I also spend too much time before the screens and I feel that my waist doesn’t appreciate it. I was already thinking about writing blog posts at first on paper, I know it is a little bit so last century but maybe worth a try. Take care.

  3. Damn, did we finally solve the problem of being able to read your blog….
    But RSI is a nasty thing, so try some new stuff to see is voice control your thing for blogging and see of it’s a sound investment 😉
    Take care

  4. Hi Cheesy,

    nice to see you consider our “pension shuffle” a good post . Hope the RSI problem gets better at some point! Maybe the cheeseFI podcast could be the way forward as a European counterpart of chooseFI? I volunteer as a co-host!

    Cheers, Peter

      1. darn indeed, why are all the good ideas taken by a faster smart ass? That one is in English though and has no Dutch-specific info. Certainly no Dutch pension shuffle there 😉 Maybe there is a little niche for the Dutch market? We should set a timer though, otherwise we will never stop talking about money 🙂 Hope you get well soon!

      2. I know of two Dutch bloggers that are planning on doing more with this, and a third is already going strong, she is called “Rijkerleven”.

  5. dam cheese. Hope you get better soon. Too much time in front of the screen… You animal, got to switch those hands up. Rookie error. The lefts like a sleeper hand =)

    Ill keep ya in mind if i can come up with something cool.
    cheers man.

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