Where are the truly weird FIRE people?

Where are the truly weird FIRE people? Aren’t we all a bit weird to begin with? That being said, I definitely know one very weird FIRE guy: The Sloth! Still like the guy though. Now he decided to write a guest post, oh my! Brace yourself for weird, weirder, drugs, naked guys and more. Here we go…….

Where are the truly weird FIRE people?

It is my firm believe that people are weird by nature. Society and especially work tampers down this weirdness because we need money to pay for food and shelter and that money is easier to get if you conform to the rules of society. Well, except if you work in the entertainment sector where being really weird often doesn’t hurt …

Where are the truly weird FIRE people?
Where are the truly weird FIRE people?

Now if my theory is correct the FIRE community should be filled with weird people and I have found this to be true, in part. You see, I have only found people who are a little bit weird. Like cheesy finance here who lets me hijack his blog for this post because:

  • A) he has a bigger audience than me, and
  • B) he fucked up his wrist and needs to stay of his computer a lot more 😉.

Cheesy is definitely a weirdo. But a little weirdo…


Now this might be because how I define ‘weird’. There are plenty of people who will tell you that striving to retire decades early, travel the world in a van and such are very, very weird. But not me. For me truly weird are people like Ferdinand Cheval who build his very own temple of Angkor Wat in his back yard.

Or Michel Guyot who got the bat shit crazy idea to build a new medieval castle only using the techniques of that time and made it into a huge success. History buffs should really check out the castle of Guedelo!

These people weren’t even early retirees! So how weird can a truly weirdo get when he no longer needs to work for a living? I wondered. I searched. And I found somebody who instantly became a personal hero to me. I give you: Darrell Lemaire.

Darrell Lemaire

His full story can be found here. But I’ll give you the highlights.

As a mining engineer in 1960, he started a company selling mercury detectors which he sold in 1968 and enabled him to retire at the age of 42.

He already had an interest in psychedelics so in his retirement began to research and synthesize psychoactive compounds that were or might be useful as adjuncts for psychotherapy. Now this was legal at the time but it definitely falls in the weird category.

Especially if you do it in an underground lab on a volcano

Where are the truly weird FIRE people? Lab under a volcano?
Where are the truly weird FIRE people?
Lab under a volcano?

He also (like David Nichols and Sasha Shulgin ) synthesized MDMA when MDA became illegal. Shulgin might be more famous for his contribution to the psychedelic revolution his synthesize of LSD and MDMA started. But Shulgin had no interest in mass production of the compounds. So when therapists started asking him for MDMA he referred them to Darrell Lemaire who had both the time and the inclination to supply them. I repeat: this was, at the time legal, to do. But still, making 19,5 kg of MDM in your underground laboratory (which was, I repeat, on a volcano!), can it get any weirder?


Off course it can!! Was it the Nevada sun? The pharmaceuticals he synthesized and tested? The whole summer of love atmosphere he got caught up in? Who knows? Fact is that Darrell Lemaire founded the lazy lizard school of hedonism. The main activities of this school: lay lazily around a pool (in the nude by the way) and try out the newest batch of synthesized psychedelic compounds, fresh out of the underground lab! #lifegoals

The modern day equivalent I can come up with is some silicon valley coder retiring early, still creating great pieces of software and laying around a pool with some friends enjoying California’s best buds …

But I think most of you will agree with me that Darrell Lemaire was one huge early retiree weirdo. My question is, where are the current day big weirdo’s?

Give me your biggest and weirdest …



  1. Oh I like this one. Interesting thoughts on what defines ‘normal’ and ‘weird’ in the context of FIRE.

    My personal favorite is David LaChappelle, a famous photographer with some bizarre art works who now lives on a biological farm in Hawaii.

  2. I have two candidates (not FIRE folks, but they COULD be) but definitely cannot beat your guy 🙂

    I know that all people are weird but these people think that coders are weirder than them, so the first one is Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux and Git. Despite he has a net worth of $150 million he still cannot rest and brings his love projects forward.

    The other one is Elon Musk. He definitely could buy a private island and spend his life sipping margaritas on a beach with a team of victoria secret models. Instead, he is high on innovations, shooting electric cars into space and shit… 😀

    1. Elon Musk is a good one. Unfortunately as we have come to discover, his weirdness can take a turn for the worse at times (see his pedo accusation at the address of one of the divers that saved, that kids football team and his “fallout” against the media)…

      As for myself, if weird means not conforming to the norm, then I guess I would full under it given I’m 28 and still live with my parents to save money (though also because I don’t see a reason why I should leave) (´・ω・`)

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