Financial Independence Europe Podcast

If you want to hear me try to squeeze 2 hours into 30 minutes, you got to check this out! You might need to play this at 0.5x speed 😉

Financial Independence Europe Podcast

A while back I got the request from the team behind the Financial Independence Europe Podcast to be interviewed. We did a podcast before, but that was done in Dutch. We also did that interview with the two of us. This time around Mrs CF was at work, so it’s just me! Another change is that it’s in English! Which would give our international readers something to listen to.

So I said yes and we got chatting…. well after we tried several ways to connect because my Windows phone and an old IPad where not allowing a connection to the recording platform. Kind of telling  for the status of our gadgets at home!

Financial Independence Europe Podcast
Financial Independence Europe Podcast

The Podcast

Because we had to switch to a free platform (I actually called in with my mobile phone), we didn’t have a lot of time to record. Fortunately, I talk really fast. So was able to squeeze lots of chatting into one session. Already know it’s going to tick off some of you out there, sorry about that, but that’s just me! You are warned 😉

The link to the podcast:


We got talking about the wealth tax in the Netherlands. I just did an update on this, both in terms of the numbers as well as how it impacts the required wealth to FI in this lovely country.

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Also, in case you are interested in the “highlights” of this blog, check out this page too.

I had fun recording, hope you enjoy the corresponding (no) nonsense too 🙂


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