October 2018 Cheesy Index & Savings Rate

It’s been busy and interesting here at Cheesy central with posts on the 4% rule, weird people, work and FIRE in the Netherlands. Now it’s time to catch up on savings rates and the Cheesy Index.  So today a report on the October 2018 Cheesy Index & Savings Rate.

October 2018 Cheesy Index & Savings Rate

As mentioned last month, I’ve introduced a change in the monthly reporting on our finances. For the simple reason is that I lost interest in the tiny details around the savings rate. So I merged the Cheesy Index and Savings Rate numbers in one post for convenience (for me that is).

Cheesy Index

The Cheesy Index is still on FIRE! With ongoing good rental income, dividends and portfolio values that remain fairly steady, our wealth keeps increasing. Also Mrs CF’s business expense claim was paid (see also note below), which helped a lot! Therefore yet another increase in the Cheesy Index!

We are now at a Cheesy Index of 75.6%. Remember that we are only living on 1 income at this stage (see also lower yearly target)! Yet our net worth is still climbing to new heights this year. Money really makes more money, make sure you take advantage of this!!

Here are the latest stats:

October 2018 Cheesy Index
October 2018 Cheesy Index

Expecting a steady November and an uptick in December (double income for Mrs CF and our real estate loan first payment coming in), assuming the markets stay stable of course!

Savings Rate

Finally received Mrs CF’s huge expense claim. It was about the same as a month’s salary! So we pretty much got a double income, on paper anyways. Hence a very good month in terms of the savings rate. We landed a very respectable 66.4% for October.

I’ve not included any income from my side hustle (nor any expenses). It’s not much at this point anyways! Perhaps in 2019 I might start adding this in when I have my business administration fully under control and are actually making a tiny income. Aiming around €4.000-5.000 after taxes for the year 2019. Enough for a nice holiday 😉

October 2018 Savings Rate - Overview
October 2018 Savings Rate – Overview

The distribution of the expenses for the month:

October 2018 Savings Rate - Expenses
October 2018 Savings Rate – Expenses

How was your October? Let us know!


  1. Currencies, corrections and Dutch real estate conspired to give me about a networth neutral month. New tenants, new personal residence, an engagement ring and Disneyland meant plenty of not-so-business-as-usual expenses.

    Surprised I don’t have a bigger dent!!

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