November 2018 Dividend Update

The November 2018 Dividend Update is hopefully the last one with a (yet another!) YOY decrease! The effects of the dividend stock sale in 2017 are finally behind us. I’m very much looking forward to December, to be honest…

November 2018 Dividend Update

No sale of shares this month (buy and hold is finally working…), but we did buy some! I’m was looking for stable shares with stable dividends. So expanded the CU (Canadian Utilities) position by 78 shares to 400 in total. It’s now a pretty big position in relative terms. We are now also pretty heavy on the utilities in the portfolio.  On the bright side, we also received the first dividends from our dividend ETF we bought last month.

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November Dividends

All the dividend deposits received into the bank accounts (and corrected for exchange rates) sum up to a total dividend income of €375,35 for November. Compared to last year we had an decrease of 11.1%.

If you purely look at the dividend change in CAD (Canadian Dollars), which is our steady portfolio in our RRSPs, we are also down 12.9% compared to last year. This is driven by the merger of two companies. We also sold 2 companies and reinvested the proceeds elsewhere. There was also one REIT, which was bought by in investor and delisted. All those dividends we now don’t get in November, hence the reduction in dividend income.

The stats for last month:

November 2018 Dividend Update - Dividend Income
November 2018 Dividend Update – Dividend Income

The graph below is showing the yearly dividend totals for 2015, 2016, 2017 and the YTD for 2018. Despite selling many shares in 2017 (reinvested in Real Estate), we already beat 2016’s total this year! And that year included some of the sold Dutch shares. Not all is bad! Still relatively happy with the portfolio performance, but did learn some valuable lessons along the way that cost a fair amount of money.

November 2018 Dividend Update - Yearly Dividend
November 2018 Dividend Update – Yearly Dividend

Dividend Stock Overview

Our dividend portfolio now contains 36 companies + one ETF with a total of 8.163 shares.

The portfolio looks like this:

November 2018 Dividend Update - Dividend Overview
November 2018 Dividend Update – Dividend Overview

Dividend Sector Breakdown

When you breakdown the previously shown dividend stock overview by sector, it looks as follows:

November 2018 Dividend Update - Sector Allocation
November 2018 Dividend Update – Sector Allocation

How was your November dividend wise?


  1. Great month, even though the dividend income decreased a little bit! I’m sure the Real Estate will offer a nice boost to your passive income too.

    I though I would be the only one in DGI community who would buy Canadian Utilities in the next couple of months! They have been increasing dividends for 45 years in a row and stock is yielding 5 % at the moment, which sounds amazing.

    1. CU still seems to be a good investment. Great credit rating, available cash-flow. good dividend history indeed and attractive yield. Still, not all is perfect!
      Thanks for the comment!

    1. Oh definitely higher YOY income. The real estate investment is generating 6% net. Higher initial yield on the investment than with dividend shares, but will need reinvestment over time to keep the compounding effect up.
      Cheers Rob!

  2. I didn’t receive any dividends from my two ETFs VWRL and IUSN ;). So my life’s easy tallying up the dividends…

    Even with the lower dividends you see that the performance is increasing. Good job! Although the charts themselves could do a little better, my inner data nerd is allergic to 3D-graphs, pie charts, and super small grid lines. Maybe restyling your charts could be the subject of a guest post? 🙂

    1. Ha, yeah, you’d be done pretty quickly with adding up. But you will have a good December I assume!
      I have a feeling your allergies might get worse thou 😉 Not a big chance that they will be changing any time soon, nor will there be a guest post about it. I like my charts!

      1. Coolcoolcool! If you’re happy with them I’m happy :). I hope my Dec will be a good month. So far it’s a very rocky start. Dividend wise I think VWRL pays in Dec, IUSN is accumulating so they don’t pay. But… I don’t really care about dividends that much, I’m more after total return so whether profits are paid out or included in the share price doesn’t matter to me.

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