Rule number 1 in blogging, never talk about politics, religion or the environment. You can never win and it’s really easy to alienate your readers. So what am I going to do today… Exactly, I’m going to rant about complaining, including complaining about the government. If you don’t like some self-reflection, please skip this post 😉


The word “Complainypants“, as noted by dear Pete, still resonates with me. I discovered the blog of Mr. Money Mustache back in 2014. It was entertaining, interesting and a good kick in the butt. But that word: complainypants. The amount of times it has been applicable since I first read it?! My gosh, it’s horrible!

Something with yellow & vests

Unless you have been living under a rock (or like Mrs CF, you don’t read or watch the news), you have seen the mass destruction by people in yellow vests. Now first off, the large majority of the people that wear these vests are just complaining (with or without a good reason), not wrecking various local businesses. The businesses of people that are hard working and deserve some slack. Unfortunately there are a few major idiots!

But why are they complaining? The short summary of this story: higher taxes and less money to spend, all made possible by “the government”. In this case, the French government. That being said, protests are showing up in other countries too. With the similar setups and complaints.

The Government

Now, is “the government” (applies in pretty much every country) generally an efficient organization. No, far from actually. Are they wasting money? Absolutely! Should that change? Yes, definitely. Is that your job? Perhaps, but most likely not (unless you are a minister/member of parlement and reading this blog). However, it is your job when it is time to vote!

Does complaining about it help? Sometimes it does! The French president reversed the tax increase on fuels. Which in my personal is not a bright thing to do. Yes, you get rid of the protests, sure. But using an non-renewable resource is never a smart idea. We should be driving less & cycling/walking/bussing/train-ing more (for work and for leisure). Higher operating costs (by means of taxation) would certainly help with this. Unpopular as this might be.

It is always the fault of the government? Nope, it’s most likely yours! Why? Entitlement.


Many of us (including myself) have a sense of entitlement. We think we are entitled to our car, holidays/travel, big house, booze, etc. Our collective sense of entitlement has significantly increased over time. In short, we are spoiled rotten. When a government is encroaching on this sense of entitlement (rightfully or wrongfully), we tend to lash out.

The stupid thing is, we hardly look at ourselves! It’s obviously never our fault, right? We are therefore virtually never critical about our own decisions. We are complainypants, and we are good at it!

However, our sense of entitlement is also going to become very costly in the longer term. We are destroying this planet faster then ever, primarily because of our sense of entitlement. We are killing of our lands (cheap food), our forests (more cheap food/housing/industry), our seas (over fishing/plastics) and our air with virtually everything we do (and consume).

This is going to result in our life to become even more expensive in the future. All aspects of life will be affected, our food, our homes (insurance/energie costs), our healthcare and our tax bill (it’s expensive keeping up with natural disasters and rising water levels). Yes, we are good at engineering our way out of some of these issues. But mother nature will ultimately kick us back down if we go overboard. And mother nature does not care about your money or your life. She does not listen to complainers 😉

Stop complaining!
Stop complaining!


Before you start complaining, first do some self-reflection. Look at the bigger picture! Look at the longer term. Don’t just be a stupid idiot solely looking at the government to blame for things gone wrong in your life. Start looking at yourself first before looking at other to blame. Be a “Mother Theresa” on all aspects of your personal life (money, family & environment) before you start pointing your finger towards others.


Not sure about you, but I’m allergic to certain complainypants. Especially those that wear yellow vests and state:

  • I have no money left at the end of the month (all while smoking and drinking beer)
  • It’s all the governments’ fault that I have a piece of month left after my money is gone (but I do go on holidays 2 times per year, have a big house full of stuff and ditto car)
  • Healthcare is becoming unaffordable (while eating a big mac, sitting on a couch, behind a TV)
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

I think you get my point!


There will always be people that have rights to complain. Some people did their best and are screwed by the system, illness or both! I get that and I really feel sorry for you if that is the case. You absolutely have the right to complain. Life is not always fair, it can be an absolute bitch! But always try to move on. If you keep playing the victim, you will never win (or get over whatever is holding you back).

End rant.



  1. I mostly agree. But you shouldn’t ignore the aspect of the protest which is about now feeling understood by the politicians. And I think there is a real issue there, which might actually warrant some protesting. As a population we basically cannot really trust most of our politicians at this moment. They’re being heavily lobbied by big business and they clearly push their own agenda’s from time to time.

    And even worse: after their political career they tend to show their true colors. Look up what Balkenende now does and how much he earns (remember the ‘Balkenende norm’?). If the people, and the future of the people, really was the top most priority… Why is 130 kmh on Dutch freeways introduced? It’s simply BAD. It does sell more cars, tires and fuel obviously.

    It all tends to feel like a play for power nowadays, not an attempt to build a better country for it’s people.

    I’m curious what Mark Rutte will be doing in 5 years.

    1. I have to agree that some politicians don’t really help their own image. And yes, money has definitely moved it’s way into politics by lobbying. The result is rather horrible to be honest. Protesting against such developments is not a bad thing, for sure! Point well made.

  2. I my opinion Rich stayed too long with you Cheesy. I hope that complaining is the only bad habit you’ve adapted from this little guy with his big attitude. Stay away from the houseplants in the windowsill please.

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