Happy Holidays to all you Money Nerds

Happy Holidays to all you Money Nerds! May your excel sheets be great, your stomach be stuffed and may your 2019 be (financially) successful and healthy.

Happy Holidays to all you Money Nerds!

From me an Mrs CF, happy holidays! Thank you again for all the reading, commenting and feedback we got in 2018. We had a blast this year and are looking forward to many more years like this!

Happy Holidays to all you money nerds
Happy Holidays to all you money nerds!

Year in Review

2018 was a year of change, a year of new and exciting events. It started off with the idea to quit my job. Which I did in April. Next we went on a 9 week road trip through Europe. Which was epic to say the least! Would love to do that again some day. But first I have to write the final post on this trip and show you the finances. That’s one of my goals for 2019 😉

From July onwards I played around with some renovations around our house. We also had quite a bit of work done on our real estate. Including repairing a flooded bedroom in one of the units. For this reason our net cash-flow for this year was low. But the value of the real estate went up big time, so still a good year overall. Looking forward to a quiet 2019 on the real estate front (unless we can buy something new!).

The dividends did pretty well throughout the year. The dividends from the core portfolio (all Canadian shares) seems to have grown 7% YOY. However, our index funds have had better times. Also need to review our crowdfunding portfolio performance again. Mixed results there. But all-in-all, a successful 2018 on the money front!

FIRE Coaching

What better than turning your hobby into a little side hustle?! That is exactly what I’ve started to do in the second half of 2018! I’ve started helping others with they finances and finding their investing preferences. I’ve done this low key to get some experience and see if I actually enjoy it. But boy, it’s one of the most fun things to do!

So, there is a new page on the blog for this. I like to help more people in 2019, while adding some money to our FI fund at the same time. I might have stopped “work”, but Mrs. CF is still trying to get us to full FI. I like to help her with this where I can, obviously. So in case you are interested, go have a look! Perhaps a goal for 2019 😉


I hope I can meet and chat with many more (new & old) folks in 2019 during the various meetups. We still don’t have enough folks to make Haarlem 2019 work. So please register if you want to join and meet other random internet strangers. It’s a lot of fun!

This is going to be the (second to) last post for 2018. Take care and see you in the new year!


  1. Great words! 2018 was a year of enlightment on multiple levels; financially, mentally and health.
    Mr Cheesy, thanks and all the best wishes to you & yours, enjoy!

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