2019: The Year Without a Beer!

I like a challenge, especially when your friends and folks on Twitter call you crazy. So, here we go. 2019: The Year Without a Beer!

2019: The Year Without a Beer!

Ever since I saw a documentary about alcohol earlier in 2018, I was toying with the idea of drinking less beer. I like beer! A lot, no not necessarily A lot, just a lot! Okay?! I (really!) don’t drink that much. But because I like the specialty beers, which often have a higher alcohol percentage, I was still going over recommended (daily/weekly) limits on regular basis. I like to have a very long “retirement”. Preferably also a healthy one. I know, what a concept! But I also want to have fun in life… a devilish dilemma!

2019: The Year Without a Beer!
2019: The Year Without a Beer!


So when you throw the word out on twitter (that you want to stop drinking in 2019), you get this:

Well, thanks for the support folks! 😉


Funny thing is, the more people tell me I’m crazy (and stupid). The stronger my motivation to do it. So thank you all! I’m actually not going to drink any alcohol in 2019. No beer, no wine, no whiskey, nothing. Gosh, what’s wrong we me?!

Currently I’m in the process of cleaning out the beers I have with an expiration date of before 2020. I’ve got 5 4 3 left… The rest is put away for a long time! I’m not going to completely give up alcohol in my life, but I do want to limit a bit more.

I’ve already started this in 2017. I no longer drink beers I actually don’t like. Like Heineken, Amstel, Oranjeboom, Coors, Bud, etc. Even the stuff that is marginally okay, I don’t drink. It really has to be good and special. That’s the only thing I will sacrifice my liver (and life) for. Or better put, I don’t want to take on any extra health risks for stuff that’s not worth it.

2019 will thus be a major reset. No more alcohol in 2019 and only really, really good stuff as of 2020, in moderation…

Beer Madness

What am I going to miss in 2019? Well this:

And this (for the Dutch):

And this (for everyone):

And to end this worst post of 2018 with a high note:

Are you in too?


  1. That is a challenge! Really curious to see how this will work out for you.

    I’m with you for January. A month of no alcohol. Though I will miss my Scottish single malt it’s better for me to reset. I find myself “defaulting” to opening a beer or wine more often.

    1. Good for you joining in on the January dry spell. Seemed too easy to me, so wanted to up the challenge. Curious to see if I notice any differences!
      Good luck!

  2. You crazy fool!!!
    You can’t do it and you won’t make it alive !!!!

    Hope to see you in life in Haarlem next month, but i highly doubt it.

    Is this enough encouragement for you?

  3. Worst. Plan. Ever.

    Nobody will still like you after this year 😉

    Did you calculate the savings from this? Could actually be pretty substantial. I definitely spend on average at least € 10 per week on alcohol, probably closer to € 15. Would make for € 780 savings. Leave it 30 years against 8% and you’ll be € 7,848.87 richer. Yield and horizon picked for dramatic effect, obviously.

    Good luck next year, will be glad to provide you your first beer of 2020.

  4. Cheese! I am not sure this whole FIRE thing is doing you any good…I mean, come on, no more holy water? No just kidding, I wish you all the best and am looking forward to your experiences!

  5. Good luck with your challenge CF!

    I’m on a similar dry spell (61 days so far), it has been harder than I expected.

    Christmas parties, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, date nights, annual bonus award days… it has been interesting participating in each sober.

  6. I still think you are brave! But I’ll join you for making alcohol less of a habit. It should be more special. And moderation is always a good idea. So moderation will be my keyword for 2019. With alcohol, with dairy and cheese (more 100% vegan days), with sugar.

      1. Thanks for the link. Now I have to watch it!

        Just curious… did a documentary also get you into eating a whole food plant based diet too?

      2. I stumbled upon the fine Dr Greger. Started reading from there (and watching a bunch of documentaries too). The total picture just made sense, so we both gave it a go.

  7. Awesome goal, good luck! Considered the idea myself but then decided not to… Maybe I should start with skipping all drinks I don’t really enjoy, that’s a good one (and a much better goal than just “drinking less alcohol”).

  8. Love your crazy plans! And brave to put it out in the open, no way back now 😉 A year is a good period, we are habitual animals and one year gives you the opportunity to experience every occasion that passes by in a year without alcohol. After I did that 3 years ago, I never got fully back onto the wagon. I feel really good and see no reason to change that. I drank one drink on 5 occasions this year but mostly very happy with my non-alcoholic drinks. And you can find amazing alcohol-free beers nowadays. IPAs, all sorts of Belgium beers! Ignore the social pressure and have an amazing year! Cheers ;-), Peter

    1. That’s true, you already pulled this off! Respect! I will have some alcohol free beer this year for sure, they are getting better indeed 🙂 But a good Belgian strong beer can’t be beat 😉

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