2018 Financial Overview

Today I’m going to wrap the savings rate, cheesy index and our overall investment performance into one 2018 Financial Overview. For more details on the real estate, check out this post. The post on the dividends will be coming later this month. I’m planning to also do a post on the crowdfunding performance. Need to catch up on this, it’s been a while since I reviewed that (2 years, ahum…).

2018 Financial Overview

It was a great year! In so many ways. Quit my job, took a long holiday, enjoyed one of the best summers ever! Despite a bit of a drop in Q4 this year, the investments have done pretty good actually. Not as great as the past few years, but still no complaining. Let’s start with having a look on the savings side of things and take it from there.

2018 Financial Overview - The only way is up!
2018 Financial Overview – The only way is up!

Savings Rate

We closed off 2018 with a bang. This because we got a double income from Mrs CF and we were able to sell a few items that brought our expenses down big time. If it is stuff we bought before, and added as expenses, then the sale is considered a negative expense (not income!).

The end result is a massive savings rate for the month (almost 88%!!). We ended the year with a total savings rate of 54.5%. Not bad considering we had about 66% of our “normal” yearly income and we did a 9 week road trip! But we are no longer gold badsass savers… oh well!

2018 Financial Overview - Savings Rate
2018 Financial Overview – Savings Rate

Cheesy Index

The cheesy index was doing so well this year, above expectations actually. But in the last two months of the year we saw a modest decline. Caused obviously by the stockmarket volatility, as well as fluctuating exchange rates.

Still, we ended way above our target for the year, no complaining from my end! We are now at almost 75% of our FI target number. Yay! I’ve also updated the yearly Cheesy Index as can be seen here.

2018 Financial Overview - Cheesy Index
2018 Financial Overview – Cheesy Index

Investment Returns

We only really started investing in 2014, and not on January 1! But we did buy our first real estate that year. Since that was a dump and we renovated the property, we did really well on our ROI for 2014.

In the following years the amount of invested assets grew fast. We also diversified and added some defensive investments to “smooth the ride” (and because we focus on cash-flow). Hence a slow but steady drop in ROI over the years. Still, we are aiming for 4% per year during FIRE, so as long as we are making more than 5-6% each year, I’m a happy camper. Need to keep ahead of inflation obviously!

For the real money nerds, I don’t have enough data to calculate the XIRR. Sorry, not going to either in the future. Simply because we are more focussed on the sustainable (longterm) cash-flow (not capital gains).

2018 Financial Review - ROI Income Assets
2018 Financial Review – ROI Income Assets

How was your 2018? Did you also rock it?


  1. Hey Team CF
    Happy New Year!
    What an amazing set of financial results and most importantly what an inspiring leap towards freedom you took!
    We had a great year as well, reduced our work pensum to have more time with our children. Some years still to go to FI but we enjoy the journey.
    Wish you all the best and enjoy your freedom!

  2. Fantastic work this year. That Cheesy Index is slowly getting there. Blowing out that target and you will be near the 100% in a few years. How exciting.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Progress will slow doing going forward, as we will have only one income and a bit of side hustle. But yeah, it’s a marathon and we are getting there for sure. 2018 really was great!

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