How to be successful in life

How to be (very) successful in life? What do you need to do to position yourself in such a way that you can become successful and excel?

How to be successful in life?

How to be (very) successful in life? Honestly, I have no idea, I’m not very successful myself. Nor do I have any inspiration for a post today. Well, that is not entirely true I just ran out of time to write a good post (sorry!).

I’m breaking all the rules on “how to blog succesfully”, like don’t post anything if you have nothing (useful) to say. Don’t use click-bait titles, etc. However, I’m still going to stick to my 2 posts per week. So here is a pretty picture to (hopefully) make you happy.

How to be successful in life
Pretty picture of how society perceives you as successful (according to Pixabay anyways)

In the mean while I’m going to install some insulation in the house, walk the dog and prepare for a meetup with about 55 people in Haarlem. When that is all done, I need to cook, clean and entertain the little monster. Gosh, the life of a not even FI early retiree…. looks surprisingly like that of a “stay at home dad with a blog”. Anyhow, toodles!

P.s. if you do know how to be (very) successful in life, do leave a comment 😉


  1. Hi team CF
    Well, what does success mean? For me it‘s living a fulfilled life, achieving what‘s important for me. What I try to do is to focus on things I can have an influence on, things that are positive, inspiring and empowering (e.g. that‘s why I avoid losing too much time „consuming“ news on tv etc.). And here I want to say that your blog is inspiring as is the whole FI Community. We can learn from each other, see different aspects etc. and bring quality (back) to our lives and (re-) focus on what‘s important to each of us. And in my view that‘s a good basis to live a great, successful life.

    1. You made me feel good, thank you!
      P.s. I hear you on the consuming of news…. stopped doing that, life feels much better this way! Ostrich method 🙂

  2. Love the post. Not much to it but we all have things that we HAVE to do. Hopefully, you got everything done with some time to spare for the real post next week. Cheers 🙂

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