Drinks on FIRE

We had a blast again last weekend with a whopping 52 people (!) joining us for Utrecht on FIRE. Below are the details of last Saturday and the upcoming event in June: Drinks on FIRE!

Drinks on FIRE

Before we dive into the event of last weekend, I first want to give you the details for the upcoming event on Sunday June 30, 2019 from 13:00-18:00. It will be held again in Utrecht.

The reason to go to Utrecht once again? The good public transport access, free parking nearby on the P&R, central location in the Netherlands and an affordable venue. What else do you want?! We strive to keep the fees as low as possible (non-profit) to allow everyone to join. So if you want to join, please get your ÔéČ11 ticket here. Drinks and snacks are included!

There is no formal program this time around, but if you want to present a story or topic yourself (or know someone who wants to), we will give you a podium and an audience! Just drop me a comment.

Drinks on FIRE - Utrecht Edition
Drinks on FIRE – Utrecht Edition

Utrecht on FIRE recap

It was a long day, but very rewarding! We started at 9:30 and closed off around 21:30-ish. It was a lot of fun chatting to many new people, and reconnect with friends we made before. We will focus on more of this on June 30th!

This is what the more formal part of the day looked like:

The Journey to and being FI(RE)

The meetup last Saturday start with a moderated discussion between Meike (from RijkerLeven.nl), the audience and two gents that are financially independent. One had already given up his job about 2 years ago (Bram from elkeweekgeld.nl). The other is still working hit butt off. However, he will quite most likely within the coming two years. Bram is using options to provide his passive income, the other gentlemen (who cannot be named due to privacy reasons) uses real estate for his passive income. Both have families with kids, just in case you are wondering, and still became FI around their mid-forties!

Many facets of the journey to FIRE, including the struggles and highs, were reviewed and discussed. It really showed there is not a “general” way of doing it, it’s definitely personal!

What kind of money person are you?

Meike is licensed to hold workshops about Sacred Money Archetypes. She took the group through her workshop right after lunch . But before commencing the workshop, the group used Meike’s online tool to determine what money types they are. The results were discussed during the workshop. Guess what, most people were strongly associated with Accumulators, Mavericks and Rulers! Who knew ­čśë

The whole idea is that this helps to understand how you see and deal with money. It was well received by the group!

How to become FIRE?

Finally I did a presentation (in Dutch) about how to become FI and what types of investments you could think about using to get there. You can download the presentation (as noted, it’s in Dutch) here:

Hope to see and chat with you in June!

p.s. also check out this (Dutch) post by FIREME about the event!

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