5 Reasons why you should not pursue FIRE

Those that know me will have wondered by now what’s wrong we me. Reason is that I hate “lists” of things or tips. They give me a strange and instant rash. I utterly despise blog posts with lists like: 10 ways to become rich fast or 21 ways to save money (really?! there is only one: spend less!).

But I guess I’m becoming more numb as I get older (or my brain is turning into mush from watching too much Netflix/Prime, you pick), I don’t know. But I thought it was time for blog post with a list! Mind you, this one is rather personal πŸ˜‰ So here are 5 reasons why you should not pursue FIRE.

Reason 1: it destroys your car hobby

Oh boy, did I love cars before I found the journey to FIRE. But since I discovered the whole FIRE thing, that love was destroyed! Brutally. Yes, I always knew buying cars was never a smart thing, but I wanted to anyways. Guess I secretly still long for an Aston Martin. If I would not have found ERE (and the rest), it might have happened! Buying a used as Aston Martin that is.

But now I simply cannot (nor do I want to) give up my hard earned cash (and thus time) for a piece of metal. Cool at that piece of metal might be. And since I don’t play the lottery, the chances of ever having too much money are slim.

5 Reasons why you should not pursue FIRE: Aston Martin = waste of money

So here is my warning, if you are a car nut. Never read up on Mr Money Mustache or anything FIRE related. It’s bad for your hobby, period.

Reason 2: you won’t ever NEED a vacation anymore

Now that I have quit my job over a year ago, subsequently travelled for 9 weeks through Europe and enjoyed my time off, something interesting happened. I no longer have a desire for a vacation (I used to have a very strong desire when I was still working). There is a big difference with the desire to travel, which I still really like to. I just don’t have the urge to book a vacation. I no longer feel the need to! Vacations were often booked to “get away from it all”. But I no longer have any stress, nor the need to “run away from it all”, hence the urge for a vacation also greatly diminished.

5 Reasons why you should not pursue FIRE: Vacation time!

There is another complicating factor: our kiddo. Because of the difficulty (read: virtually impossible) to get her out of school outside the mandatory vacation periods. Same as you, I like to travel just not with all those other bloody tourists πŸ˜‰ Now we are forced to travel in the same period as every other family with kids. This causes prices to be insane (most of the time) and everything you visit is crazy busy. This does not really appeal to me either. And yes, I’m exploring our options currently for the summer vacation!

Reason 3: your work ethics go down the drain (and your discipline)

I wrote about my work ethics before, but now also my discipline is going down the drain! Because I suddenly have lots of time and no more deadlines, I keep pushing certain “works” backwards. Simply because I can and because I like other things better. Procrastination really surfaces when you no longer work and suddenly have lots of time.

Like most people I need deadlines to be efficient. I need deadlines to make sure I focus. Deadlines are great things actually, lack thereof is not always very helpful. Well, not if your self-discipline sucks as much as mine πŸ˜‰

Reason 4: spending money is no longer fun

In the “good old days” I used to spend money, just for the sake of spending money. I bought tons of DVD’s, beers & items that “I needed” or just wanted. It felt great! Well, for a short while anyways. I’ve not had that feeling in a long time now. My last “splurge” was just under €9 for a Dutch flag and flag pole….I know, very patriotic (and very useful lately) πŸ™‚

I simply cannot waste money anymore! It used to be so much fun…. good times, I sometimes miss them.

Reason 5: you will never buy a castle

Castles are great. They instill a romantic feeling and provide a great ambiance. They are generally great places to stay and/or explore. But they are also massive money pits! I’ve been making calculations every way possible. But if we actually want to become FIRE and have the time for the better things in life, buying a castle is not a bright idea.

9 week road trip report - Part 4: Kasselburg
5 Reasons why you should not pursue FIRE: Castle = big no no!

You could possible make a castle cash-flow neutral (or even make a tiny bit of cash) if you run it as a hotel or B&B, but you will be working your socks off! Not really my idea of HOT to be honest. You’d be trapped in a “golden” cage for sure!

If I would not have had stumbled upon the whole FIRE concept, I might have considered it as a job. I would have had serious issues trying to finance one, but I would have considered it. The funny thing is that now (because of our journey to FIRE) we might be able to buy a smaller one in cash if we wanted to! But that would be the end of FIRE and available time as we know it. Ah well, I will keep dreaming!

Any reasons why YOU should have never pursued FIRE?


  1. I agree on the car part, for sure! Oh my would I drive a VETTE WAGEN if FIRE didn’t cross my path. The same goes for eating / stepping out, buying vinyl (music yes), HAM radio….but on the other side, the current path gives so much more gratitude, a goal, milestones (how small they might seem) and most of all: peace of mind. I’m sorry to hear you’re procrastinating alot.

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