Reminder: DRINKS ON FIRE June 30th!

Just a quick reminder today about our upcoming FIRE even on June 30th in Utrecht. Don’t miss out on some fun, money talks and investing discussions. But also if you just want to hang out with some very cool people like Geldnerd, TheNextWealth, VeelVoorMinder, ThePursuitofHOT, Spekvet, Niettot71 and DJTOFI!


A casual meetup for bloggers and non-bloggers whom are interested in FIRE and personal finance. It’s really for everyone that knows the feeling about the need to talk about money, but no one in your surroundings is willing to do the same. It’s a great way to chat to others, discuss investments, FIRE topics, money, travel, and anything in between. All without being judged or looked at is if you are mad! It’s really liberating to finally get to talk about the taboo subject of the mighty €!

Happiness is a bitch, have another beer!
Reminder: DRINKS ON FIRE June 30th!


Sunday June 30, 2019 from 13:00-18:00.


Utrecht, Coffeemania at train station Overvecht.

The reason to go to Utrecht (once again)? The good public transport access, free parking nearby on the P&R, central location in the Netherlands and an affordable venue. What else do you want?!

How Much?

We strive to keep the fees as low as possible (non-profit) to allow everyone to join. So if you want to join, please get your €11 ticket here. Drinks and snacks are included!

BENL FIRE Meetups - Financial Fun Since 2016
BENL FIRE Meetups – Financial Fun Since 2016

Do you have a program?

There is no formal program this time around, but if you want to present a story or topic yourself (or know someone who wants to), we will give you a podium and an audience! Just drop me a comment.

Hope to see you soon!!!


  1. I’m so sorry I can’t make it due to TT work obligations of the Mr. and I need to be there for our little Miss. Hope to see you next time ’round!

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