Stuff to buy for €20.000

Ok, I’ll admit, I’m an addict! I love Funda, Marktplaats, Ebay, Kijiji, MLS, etc. It’s just too damn fun to look for stuff that you are NOT going to buy. Looky looky, but no touchy. It’s like self inflicted pain for the average FIRE enthusiast 😉 FIRE masochism? Sounds a bit dark, don’t you think? Anyhow, what stuff to buy for €20.000?

Why €20.000?

Let’s assume you are doing well on your journey to FIRE and amassed roughly €315.000 ($350.000) in VWRL by July 25, 2019 (a completely random number). At that time the ETF price was about €79 each. You would have had 3.987 units. I like round numbers, so let’s assume you had 4.000.

If you look now, about 2-3 weeks later, it’s bouncing around €74. This means you have “lost” about €5 per share or a total of about €20.000-ish. Well, actually nothing happened yet if you didn’t sell, but you get my point.

So could you have bought with all that “lost” money? Let’s have a looksy!

Real Estate Financing: FAIL! Cash is king.
Stuff to buy for €20.000 – yeah, that’s 40 of these bad boys!

You could have bought….. a (sports) car

Oh boy, there is a lot to be found as far as cars are concerned. Too many options really, but if you want something with over 300 horses, there are a few options around, see here. But (electric) cars are such obvious things to blow money on, what else can you get?

You could have bought…… a forest?!

By the looks of things you could have bought a forest of between 1.0-2.0 hectares, check this out! Seems like very green “investment” to me 😉

Should you buy a forest?
Stuff to buy for €20.000 – a forest?

You could have bought…… a house!

I’ve stumbles upon this site not too long ago, and it’s fun! Properties for under €20k. Oh boy, there are some amazing, uhmm, ruins on that website! But it’s so much fun to poke around. Actually, Bulgaria seems like the place to start as aspiring real estate investor, you can buy entire houses for less than €20k! Something tells me this might not necessarily be a bright idea, but still. Fun it is!

Stuff to buy for €20.000 – a ruin

You could have bought….. a lot of booze!

Yes, I’ve still not had a drop of alcohol since december 31, 2018! It’s still the #theyearwithoutabeer. But how many beers would you be able to buy with €20.000. Well, subject to the quality, a lot (or a lot more). The cheapest beer I could find was about €5.75 per crate of 16 large (0.45l) bottles (without deposits). That would be 55.648 bottles of horse piss (about 25.000 litres). Ah, no thanks.

The (really) good stuff will set you back around €2 per bottle. That’s still a very (un)healthy 1.000 beers. That’s a lot of good beer! Getting really thirsty now, can’t wait until 2020….

2019: The Year Without a Beer!
2019: The Year Without a Beer!

You could have bought…… a yacht (sort of)

What can €20k get you on the water? Well, quite a bit actually! There are some decent used boats for sale around that price mark. Even ones over 12m in length, that’s quite a lot of boat. That being said, some of these will need quite a lot of TLC. Plus, they will cost you a heck of a lot more in the years following…

Stuff to buy for €20.000 – A wreck?

You could have bought…. a lot of happiness in the world

There is also always the altruistic thing you can do with your money. You could also donate to a charity of your choice obviously. €20.000 can get a long way. You don’t seem to be able to afford one guide dog just yet (at roughly €25.000 average per dog as of 2016).

Although apparently no actually animals are donated (just the money is used), the money would contribute to about 800 piglets, or 555 goats or 11.764 chickens (that’s a lot of chickens!). Anyhow, I think you get the point.

(p.s. I have no links to any charities, nor any particular preferences; numbers are purely for entertainment purposes!)

You could have bought…..a watch

What, just one? Apparently so! Oh my….. This is clearly not my hobby 🙂

Perhaps it’s time (pun intended) to buy about 1.000 of them and start selling them as an business. Makes more sense to me!

Stuff to buy for €20.000 – A watch?

You could have bought….. more VWRL

Oh wait, it does not work that way 😉

What other stuff can you buy for €20.000? A drone, a camper-van, a dress, a submarine? Let me know your greatest finds!


  1. “It’s just too damn fun to look for stuff that you are NOT going to buy. Looky looky, but no touchy. It’s like self inflicted pain for the average FIRE enthusiast ”

    Hahaha, this hits home so hard. I’m the same. I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked at all kinds nice goodies that I don’t buy.
    A very expensive gaming rig (incl. monitor), a nice holiday incl. flying first class, a very big party, etc. Soooo much to spend money on.

  2. Save your money for the Mall of America, my friend. 🙂

    eBay fascinates me too.. I’m planning to buy some stuff for “back to school” later this month.

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