A homage to Netflix et al

Not too long ago I saw a tweet with a poll about the perception of people watching Netflix (or similar) and being boring. I had a chuckle for sure! Why? Because I must be boring as hell! So today a homage to Netflix et al πŸ™‚


Confession, I love Netflix, Prime, Disney + and all those kinds of streaming services. Well, not really the services obviously, but just the available content. I love watching movies, documentaries en series. Most of the time anyways (there is also a lot of junk….).

Does this make me a boring person?! Maybe (perhaps ask my friends this question?!), but I don’t give a rats ass to be honest. I like to do what I enjoy doing. Sometimes that is cycling, sometimes that is visiting friends/family, sometimes that is just pissing the day away binge watching a couple of movies or a series. This really makes me happy and gives me a great feeling! I thoroughly enjoy a day like that. It gives me time to relax and be entertained. Since I’m incredibly lazy, this is a perfect way for me to entertain myself in the absence of others.

A homage to Netflix et al – I’m lazy

Why not read a book?

Many people suggest I should go and read a book. Something to do with using your time useful and learning something new, etc., etc. Warning: unpopular opinion: I HATE reading. Albeit I can read perfectly and I’m not even very slow at it either. I just don’t like doing it (it takes effort and I’m lazy….). I only read when I absolutely need to and it has to be with a purpose that benefits me directly.

For example, when I discovered FIRE I read up on many, many blogs, money articles and investment pieces and more. What I did not do is read any investment or personal finance books, none. Why not? Because the essence of basic investing and personal finance is not that complicated. Many blogs and article out there on the world wide web provide perfect summaries of what you need to know (did I mention I was lazy?). I like summaries, saves me lot’s of time and provides more time to sit in front of a TV watching movies πŸ™‚ I like to be efficient, in my own weird way…

But reading for the sake of reading?! Never…

A homage to Netflix et al, did I mention I was lazy?

An escape?

Is watching Netflix et al an escape of reality, an ostrich method? Absolutely! It’s the perfect way to forget the mess in the world and switch your brain to pulp mode. I think it’s (almost) an essential way to stay sane in this day and age (you might replace this with reading a book if you will, I know, it’s personal!).

Is it a way to delay work around the house? Absolutely! Is that a problem? Usually not, but there is a limit of how much delay you can take πŸ˜‰

It is fun, hell yeah!

Anyhow, I’m off to finish my series now πŸ˜‰ The weather sucks here now anyways and I have too much time on my hands. Oh, and I’m lazy!


  1. 110% with you Cheesy.

    I’m deep in project and transition mode at the moment (renovating, moving, preparing a property for rent, FI-ish stuffl with no near term end in sight. And I fantasise about being done and lazy again and soaking up plenty of streamed content on a big TV and comfy couch.

    I find the over-achiever life boring. Necessary, in phases, but it’s a means to an end. The end is indulgence πŸ™‚


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