Castle on FIRE – France Edition

With the Castle on FIRE weekend we did earlier this year being a great success, I wanted more! I’ve found a nice “little” castle in northern France and just made initial reservations for next year. What’s the deal you ask? Let’s have a look at Castle on FIRE – France Edition!

Update 27-03-2020: the event has been postponed till October 16-23. We’ve got a few spots left, let us know if you are interested to join on these new dates. Email info”at”cheesyfinance”dot”nl.

The Plan

The plan is to have fun. Chat with like-minded people, scout the surrounding areas, have a beer (I’m in by that time again!) or wine (since it’s in France) and just enjoy life! And since I just happen to have a soft spot for castles, it will be in a castle 😉

Castle of FIRE – France Edition

The Castle

The castle I have in mind is located in northern France, about an hour drive from the white cliff coastline and about 1,5 hours away from Paris. It’s about a 4 and a half hour drive from Utrecht. it’s located in a small town in a rural setting (aka: “in the middle of fucking nowhere”).

The castle is able accommodate a maximum of 16 adults (and perhaps a few small kids – say under 10). It’s got it’s own bar, pingpong table (beer pong anyone?) and a few hectares of land surrounding it.

The castle is geared towards group accommodation and primarily features shared bathrooms and restrooms.


There is no formal plan at this stage. The final plan will depend on who is coming. That being said, during the weekend the idea is to have some of the attendants present a story about themselves or a topic of their interest. We will also have a few discussion sessions with the group.

During the week I’m considering making at least two day trips to Paris and the white cliff coast line. But depending on how active the group is, we can expand the amount of activities!

There will also be time for some hiking around the area and visiting the local town(s). Personal time is also important to us, so we will make sure that this is available to all. You are free to participate with activities when and if you want. The main idea is that you have a good time.

Castle on FIRE – France Edition with Paris day trip?


Yeah…. in order to limit the costs, you will be required to help out with the occasional cleaning and cooking. However, I doubt this will be a deal breaker for most people!


I’ve made an initial reservation for the period Friday May 29 October 16 (we are allowed to arrive from 16:00) to Friday June 5th October 23 (need to vacate around 10:00). This is obviously for 2020!

Costs and Reservations?

Since the plan is to do this on a cost basis again, the final price depends on how many people well end up joining us in northern France. However, assuming we fully book, the price per person will be about €350 for the entire week (€250 for a long weekend). This would include venue rental (including bed sheets, towels, heating, cleaning, etc.) and food/drinks/snack for 7 days. In short, that is only about €50 per person per day for living like a god in a french castle for a week;-)

Excluded from this fee is costs to travel for day trips to Paris, the coastline, etc. It will depend on how many people will travel by car to the castle as to how cheap we can get around. The trip to Paris will likely be done by train from a local city. Also, if you wish to go out to diner it’s on your own dime.

Kids under 10 are free of charge, but there is limited space!

If you are interested, send an email to “info “@” cheesyfinance “dot” nl”. A down payment of €300 (week) / €200 (weekend) will be required, the remaining amount will be due by May 1, 2020 and is subject to the final number of participants. If you are not able to come after you make reservations, no payments can be returned (unless we find you a replacement)!

Castle on FIRE – France Edition


  1. Sounds pretty amazing, CL. If we were close by, I’d definitely consider joining. Travel costs limit our availability for joining you guys.

    Looking forward to hear more about this in the future. Keep us posted.


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